Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Oni-ō no Fukkatsu

Taking place 30 years after the events of the anime: There was once an 11-year-old fifth grader named Nathan Adams who held a wristwatch that could command Yo-kai, he would make friends with the Yo-kai and fulfill a great many deeds. But when Nathan grew up and married Katie, he lost his ability to see Yo-kai. And as for the wristwatch that could control Yo-kai, its existence threatened to disturb the balance between human and Yo-kai worlds, so it was cast away into oblivion beyond time and space. Soon the story of the Yo-kai controlling wristwatch became but a legend. But then, something took place after many, many years had passed: An epidemic Yo-kai virus known as Onimaro started affecting people with malevolent intentions and is spreading indefinitely, turning them into Kaodeka Oni and causing chaos throughout the city. With the end near, only the ones chosen by a new Yo-kai Watch can stand up against the upcoming threat and would save both Yo-kai and humans from certain destruction.