Seventeen year old Veronica Clarke takes a pregnancy test at school and is interrupted by her former friend, Bailey Butler who sees that the test is positive. Though Bailey assumes Veronica will be keeping the pregnancy she subsequently disposes of the evidence and casually offers to give Veronica a ride to a clinic where she can get an abortion should she need one.

Veronica immediately decides to get an abortion and is upset to discover that it is forbidden in Missouri without parental consent. She quickly formulates a plan to get to Albuquerque, New Mexico where the closest clinic is but lacks funds to make it all the way. Going to her boyfriend Kevin she is shocked when he reacts to the news of her pregnancy by proposing. Veronica pretends she will consider the proposal and takes the ring with her. She then goes to Bailey who agrees to drive her to Albuquerque.

At their first stop Veronica tries to pawn her engagement ring and is stopped by Kevin, who has been stalking her. After learning that Veronica needs the money for an abortion the sympathetic pawnshop broker agrees to buy her ring. Veronica and Bailey head to Texas though they fight over their former friendship which Bailey fails to realize is because Veronica’s father was ashamed of her nerdy pursuits as a child.

While stopping at a diner Bailey is frightened by the arrival of local sheriffs. She reveals to Veronica that the car they are driving belongs to her mother’s ex boyfriend. The girls are able to escape detection when a fellow patron creates a scene. The patron, Jarrod, later gives the girls a lift and introduces them to Matthew, a race car driver who offers to drop them off at the closest bus station. Matthew turns out to be a woman, who Bailey is immediately and obviously attracted to. Veronica learns that Bailey is a lesbian and already out and Bailey later has her first kiss with Matthew. Before Matthew can drive them to the station a young couple, overhearing that the two need a ride to Albuquerque offer to drive them all the way there.

Bailey and Veronica wake up in the morning at the couple’s house and realize they are virulently anti-abortion and plan to prevent Veronica from having an abortion. The two manage to escape the couple’s clutches by stealing their GMC Yukon and faking their own deaths.

Arriving at the nearest bus station they discover it is out of order but stumble across a mechanic shop run by an anti-governmment survivalist named Bob. Learning that Veronica needs an abortion he agrees to drive her to the clinic in an old limo. During the ride Veronica’s friends call her with the news that they have discovered who the pregnancy test belongs to, citing Bailey. Wanting to protect herself Veronica agrees that Bailey is the most likely suspect. Bailey overhears triggering a fight between the two about the dissolution of their friendship. Bailey leaves while Veronica continues on to her appointment. However Veronica realizes that Bailey has gone to see her estranged father. Re-scheduling her appointment Veronica witnesses their awkward reunion and comes to Bailey’s defense when Bailey’s father treats her coldly.

At the clinic Veronica is surprised by Kevin who threatens to tell everyone she is having an abortion unless she stays with him. Veronica goes through with the abortion. Realizing they have no cash left the two make calls to their respective mothers who get them plane tickets home. At home Veronica’s mother admits to being confused by her choice but reiterates her love for her daughter.

At school the next day Veronica learns that Kevin never revealed her abortion to her friends, but Veronica decides to tell them anyway. She also decides to continue her friendship with Bailey and goes to sit with her at lunch.

At a later date the two go on another road trip to Roswell.