Take This Job and Shove It

A corporate conglomerate called “The Ellison Group” acquires four breweries, all of them experiencing financial trouble. Enter Frank Macklin (Robert Hays), a young manager hired by Ellison to help reorganize one of the ailing breweries. The only thing, though, is that brewery is a major employer in his home town. Originally, his old friends, who work at the brewery, give him a cold welcome, as they think he’ll be unable to revitalize the brewery. But when Frank informs them that the brewery is drowning in red ink, and that they may be losing their jobs soon, they welcome him with open arms, and ramp up the brewery’s sales and production. The brewery improves so much that the Ellison Group decids to sell it to a Texas oil millionaire, who doesn’t know the first thing about running a brewery or — apparently — running a business.