The Lie

While on her way to a retreat arranged by her ballet school with her father Jay (Peter Sarsgaard), Kayla (Joey King) picks up her friend, Brittany (Devery Jacobs) who is going to the same retreat. Excused by a bathroom break, Brittany and Kayla go into the woods. A few minutes later, Jay hears Kayla scream and finds her sitting on a bridge, alone. Kayla has an asthma attack and has lost her inhaler. As she admits that she pushed Brittany, Jay takes Brittany’s purse and rushes with Kayla to his ex-wife, Rebecca (Mireille Enos) who works as a corporate lawyer.

Jay explains to Rebecca about what happened and tells her about a bruise on Brittany’s face. Brittany’s father, Sam (Cas Anvar) appears at their house and interrogates Jay and Rebecca about his daughter’s whereabouts. When he insists on talking to Kayla, Rebecca comes up with an excuse and says she is not at home. When Jay suggests that Kayla should go to a hotel for a few days, Sam discovers that Kayla is at home, resulting in a fight with Jay. When Sam threatens to report them to the police, Rebecca contacts her ex-colleague, Detective Kenji Tagata (Patti Kim) and says that Sam abused his daughter. When Kenji interrogates Sam, Sam tells Kenji about Brittany’s sudden and mysterious disappearance.

When Jay takes Kayla to his apartment in downtown, she bails out and is followed by Sam but escapes successfully. Jay and Rebecca go up to Sam’s house to bury Brittany’s phone but Sam sees them. After a struggle with Jay, he and Rebecca immediately leave. When Sam shows up in front of their car to prevent them from leaving, Rebecca hits him. The next morning, Brittany appears at their house, revealing that it was her plan all along so she could see her boyfriend. Kayla also speaks up and says that she agreed to pretend to push Brittany so that the tragedy would bring her parents together. As the family embrace, incoming police sirens are heard.