Loving (1970 film)

Brooks Wilson is a busy man, juggling his work as a commercial artist with a marriage to Selma, and two young daughters. He also has a girlfriend on the side, Grace, who wants him to commit to her, but he cannot do it.

Brooks is trying desperately to land an elusive account from Lepridon, but this is seeming harder to achieve than he thought. One evening they attend a party at a grand Connecticut home. Feeling his life is falling apart, Brooks seduces flirty Nelly, wife of his associate Will. They go to a children’s playhouse outside the main house, and their indiscretions are caught on closed-circuit television. Selma and Will are devastated. Brooks and Will fall into a fist-fight. After the commotion dies down, the harried Brooks tells Selma that he finally landed the Lepridon account. She smacks him with her handbag, and they stare at each other in silence, seeing their marriage honestly for the first time.