Last Days of American Crime

In 2024, the U.S. government prepares to activate the American Peace Initiative (API) signal, a “synaptic blocker” that will prevent the population from breaking the law. In Detroit, Graham Bricke leads a crew of bank robbers including his brother Rory, who begins a prison sentence. The API signal is tested while Bricke’s crew robs a bank, and one of the thieves is killed. Bricke lies to the Dumois crime family that he lost the stolen money, which he saves to escape to Canada, but is notified that Rory has killed himself in prison.

One week before the signal’s nationwide deployment, Bricke’s money is taken. He tortures a man named Sidell into confessing that Johnny Dee, a member of Bricke’s crew, betrayed him to the Dumois syndicate. Bricke leaves Sidell to die in a fiery explosion, kills Johnny, and buys a deadly neurotoxin at a bar, where he is seduced by Shelby Dupree. He meets her fiancé Kevin Cash, who explains that he and Rory were used to test the signal in prison, and Rory was killed by the guards. Shelby and Kevin reveal their plan to steal over $1 billion from the city’s “money factory” by disrupting an API signal tower and fleeing across the river to Canada.

Bricke takes over the heist, deducing that Kevin is the heir to the Dumois family. Shelby and Bricke begin an affair, and he recruits his trusted getaway driver Ross. The government is buying back criminals’ ill-gotten wealth, and Shelby, a gifted hacker, prints $5 million in counterfeit bills which Bricke arranges to trade in. Following Shelby, Bricke learns she is an informant for the FBI, who threaten her younger sister to ensure her cooperation. As the city’s police department prepares to become obsolete, Officer William Sawyer is forced to kill an assailant in self-defense. He joins the new law enforcement division, and receives an implant making him immune to the API signal.

Kevin takes Bricke to meet Rossi Dumois, his father. Rossi shoots and wounds Kevin, who kills him with an axe, and Kevin and Bricke raid Rossi’s weapons, including three EFP cone warheads. Bricke confronts Shelby for working with the FBI, but is knocked out and beaten by Lonnie, Rossi’s lieutenant. Shelby is taken hostage by Lonnie as Sidell, alive but disfigured, tortures Bricke and leaves him to die in a fire. Bricke is rescued by Ross and pursues Lonnie, who injects Shelby with heroin and prepares to rape her, but Bricke kills him.

On the day the signal will deploy, Ross infiltrates the money factory in a dump truck, and Shelby subdues a systems manager at an API facility. Bricke and Kevin deliver the counterfeit $5 million to the factory and shoot their way to the vault, which they breach with the warheads. Shelby hacks the API system and disrupts the signal, allowing Bricke, Kevin, and Ross to load the truck with money and escape. Sawyer detains Shelby, and the signal resumes, incapacitating Ross and Bricke. Unaffected, Kevin kills Ross, revealing that he and Rory were forced to fight in prison by the guards, who tortured them with the API signal; Kevin learned to overcome the signal, and killed Rory. He shoots Bricke, but is killed by Shelby’s FBI handlers, who tell Bricke that they will kill Shelby to close their case.

Left to die, Bricke consumes his neurotoxin; instead of killing him, it ends the signal’s effect on him. He kills the FBI agents and escapes in the truck full of money. Struggling against the signal, Shelby fights off Sawyer, who strangles her but is impaled on a glass shard and dies. Shelby blows up the facility, ignoring the agents preparing to shoot her. She is rescued by Bricke, and they plow through the border checkpoint into Canada. Shelby tells Bricke she loves him before he dies from his wounds, and she flees with a bag of money. Some time later, Shelby spreads Rory’s ashes at a lake, and drives away with her sister to a new life in Canada.