Honest Thief

Sneaking around Boston for years, Tom has become a master thief, earning the nickname the “In-and-Out Bandit” for his slick ways when it comes to stealing large amounts of money. When he meets Annie, a psychology graduate student working at a storage unit facility, his heart melts, commencing a relationship that lasts a year before he’s ready to commit to something more. Ready to turn himself in to the FBI in exchange for a short sentence, Tom also wants to live peacefully with Annie. The feds don’t immediately believe Tom is the In-and-Out Bandit, with Agent Baker blowing him off, sending underlings to conduct an interview with the criminal.

When Agent Nivens and Agent Hall are sent in to see if Tom is a real thief, they are led to boxes of money in the storage unit. This challenges their dedication to duty. The agents elect to take the money for themselves and after an altercation with Tom at his house … they murder Agent Baker when he turns up unexpectedly, forcing Tom to flee the scene.

Tom tells Annie everything and after initially being angry at his deception, believes and decides to forgive him. However when she goes to the storage unit to get the security camera evidence of the robbery, Agents Niven and Hall show up and in a scuffle, she gets her head whacked and is knocked unconscious. She is found by Tom who races her to hospital. Tom is then seen and pursued by the police and after an altercation with Agent Myers, overpowers him and tells him what really happened and gives him Agent Hall’s gun which he retrieved in the scuffle. Agent Nivens turns up to kill Annie but can’t get near her because she is under police guard.

Tom ambushes Agent Hall in his home and convinces him to give up the security footage at the storage company which would incriminate the agents and the location of the safe house where the money was kept. Agent Hall warns him to get Annie out of the hospital which he does and leaves her at a safe place. After blowing up Agent Nivens’ house while deliberately sparing his life, Tom follows Nivens to the safe house, knowing that Nivens would try to run away with the money. A gunfight follows at the safe house where Hall is killed and Tom wounded. Nivens tries to drive away with the money, but he is intercepted by Tom’s threat to detonate the bomb if he continues to drive the vehicle. A bomb squad arrives and attempts to defuse the bomb, only to find out that there is no detonator. Nivens is arrested by the feds.

Agent Meyers receives a voice recorder which recorded the conversation between Nivens and Hall before the gunfight at the safe house, proving Tom’s innocence in the death of Agent Baker. Tom turns himself in, and Meyers promises to try to get a lighter sentence for Tom.