The story begins 40 years after the events depicted in the original Hawaii as a new generation of Americans and Asians must deal with a changing island and world. One of them is a sea captain.

Whipple “Whip” Hoxworth returns home to Hawaii to find his grandfather (Captain Rafer Hoxworth in the preceding film) has died and left his fortune to Hoxworth’s cousin, Micah Hale. Whip, the black sheep of his otherwise very conservative and disapproving family, starts a plantation, staffing it with newly arrived Chinese indentured servants Mun Ki, and his second wife/concubine Nyuk Tsin.

Mun Ki fathers children with Nyuk Tsin, all the while dreaming of returning to China and his first and officially “real” wife. Nyuk Tsin has other ideas. For the remainder of the story she is referred to as “Wu Chow’s Auntie”. Wu Chow is their firstborn son, and the nickname serves to support the traditional fiction that Mun Ki’s official spouse in China is the “real” mother of his children.

Whip steals valuable pineapples from French Guiana in the hope that they will grow in Hawaii. He gives the forlorn plants to Wu Chow’s Auntie, knowing that she has a “green thumb”. When she succeeds in nurturing the plants into flourishing, the overjoyed Whip offers to buy her some land as a reward. Over Mun Ki’s opposition, she accepts. This is the first step in the rise of both Whip and Wu Chow’s Auntie, as well as of the pineapple industry in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, Whip marries native Hawaiian, Purity, and has a son with her. However, because of her inbred royal Hawaiian ancestry, she is mentally fragile. Eventually, her mind gives way, and she can no longer abide to live with Whip. Their son Noel grows to manhood experiencing an uneasy relationship with his father.

When Mun Ki contracts leprosy, Wu Chow’s Auntie accompanies him to the leper colony on Molokai. Upon Mun Ki’s death years later, she returns to be reunited and reacquainted with her now-grown, educated, and prospering children.

A complication arises when Noel falls in love with Wu Chow’s Auntie’s only daughter. Neither parent approves of the marriage, but in the end, they grudgingly accept it.