Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato

The Yamato and her crew face the onslaught of the Comet Empire, a civilization from the Andromeda Galaxy that seeks to conquer Earth, led by Zwordar the Great (Prince Zordar in the English dub). The Earth ship is aided by an antimatter woman, Teresa of Telezart (known as Trelaina in the English dub), while the Comet Empire has revived Earth’s greatest enemy, the Gamilas’ leader Desslar, who is eager for revenge. After an immense battle destroys the forces of both Earth and the Comet Empire, the Yamato destroys the White Comet’s cover, revealing the Empire City that hid inside it. After a long battle, Susumu Kodai orders the handful of survivors off the Yamato before ramming her into the Emperor’s ship head-on, sacrificing his life and the ship to defeat Zwordar and save humanity.