Baggage Claim

Pathologically single, 30-something, “Trans-Alliance” airline flight attendant, Montana Moore (Paula Patton) is on a mission to get her overbearing, frequently married, mother (Jenifer Lewis) to stop pressuring her to get married. After being jilted by Graham (Boris Kodjoe), Seat 5C, her only prospect, just as her younger sister, Sheree (Lauren London), becomes engaged.

Montana and her friends, Sam (Adam Brody) and Gail Best (Jill Scott) devise a plan to help her find a potential husband before Sheree’s wedding. Rifling through her old contact list on her phone, the pair come up with a “prospective suitors” list. Over the course of 30 days, Montana flies all over the country (with the help of a colorful team of coworkers) hoping to reconnect with a litany of ex-boyfriends that include Langston Jefferson Battle III (Taye Diggs), a misogynistic politician, Damon Diesel (Trey Songz), an irresponsible entertainer and Quinton Jamison (Djimon Hounsou), a commitment shy multi-billionaire.

Though her quest to find a husband proves to be a disaster, Montana is oblivious to the developing romance with William Wright (Derek Luke), her longtime best friend and next-door neighbour. On the night before the wedding, Sheree’s fiancé (Terrence Jenkins) reveals that he does not want to get married yet and that her mother was the one who pressured him to get married with Sheree right away.

Once Montana realizes that she does not need a husband to live a fulfilling life, she finally stands up to her mother and gets her proposal from “Mr. Wright.”