Corporate lawyer Peter Banning is unaware his workaholic lifestyle in San Francisco is straining his relationship with his wife Moira and their children Jack and Maggie. As the family prepare to fly to London to visit Moira’s grandmother Wendy Darling, Peter focuses on completing his work before leaving, inadvertently missing Jack’s baseball game. In London, Peter berates his children while conducting more work, causing Moira to argue with him and throw out his cell phone. That evening, Peter, Moira and Wendy attend a charity dinner in Wendy’s honor, leaving her old friend Tootles and her housekeeper Liza watching over the children. When the group return, they find the house ransacked and the children missing, with a ransom note left behind supposedly written by Captain James Hook. Although Peter involves the authorities in the matter, Wendy stipulates they cannot help, and that the note’s writer is real, claiming Peter is really Peter Pan.

Peter refuses to believe this, but is surprised when drinking in the nursery to encounter Tinker Bell, who uses her pixie dust to bring him to Neverland. Tinker Bell drops Peter within the ranks of Hook’s pirates, whereupon he attempts to rescue his children after seeing Hook displaying them to his crew. Surprised to see Peter, Hook challenges him to fly and rescue his children, but upon seeing he cannot, prepares to execute him. Tinker Bell persuades Hook to let him go instead, promising to bring him back when he has his skills for a climactic battle in three days, vowing that if he wins, Hook will return his children to him. Peter finds himself taken to the Lost Boys, who have been led by Rufio following Pan’s absence. Although they initially scoff at the idea that he is Peter Pan, Tinker Bell helps him prove himself by making him use his imagination to restore some of his abilities, although Rufio remains unimpressed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Smee suggests to Hook to try to turn Peter’s children against him. Although this tactic does not work with Maggie, Jack is swayed due to his father’s mistreatment towards him. Hook then has the pirates play a game of baseball, which Peter spies on while trying to steal his hook. Horrified to see Hook convert Jack to follow him, Peter forces himself to remember who he is, and finds himself brought back to the treehouse by Tinker Bell, where Wendy and her brothers stayed in alongside Pan and the Lost Boys. Once there, Peter begins recalling his lost memories, remembering how he came to Neverland as an infant, thanks to Tinker Bell, and his adventures with the Darling children. He finally recalls that he frequently returned to see Wendy, after the Darlings returned to London, until she had grown old, whereupon he stayed behind after falling in love with her granddaughter Moira.

Recalling the day of Jack’s birth, Peter finds a strong happy thought that restores his power to fly, and bringing him back as Peter Pan. Shocked that he is, Rufio turns over his sword to him, whereupon Pan and the Lost Boys arrive to fight Hook and his pirates as promised. As Peter fights his old nemesis, Jack realizes what Hook has been doing and returns to supporting his father. While Peter focuses on rescuing Maggie, Rufio engages Hook in a sword fight in which Hook stabs him to death. With his dying breath Rufio laments not having a father. Angered, Peter prepares to engage Hook but immediately changes his mind and begins to leave in high spirits when Jack announces he wishes to go home. Hook vows to continue coming after generations of Peter’s children, prompting Peter to reverse course again and engage Hook in a duel, whereupon he defeats him and leaves him to be devoured by the taxidermied crocodile as cheering children happily watch the beast briefly reanimate, ingest Hook and emit a loud belch. While asking Tinker Bell to take his children home, Peter reveals he is too old to stay, and appoints his successor amongst the Lost Boys before returning to London.

Peter awakens in Kensington Gardens with the belief he was dreaming, but is surprised to see Mr. Smee cleaning up bottles nearby. Seeing Tinker Bell waiting nearby, Peter tearfully bids her farewell before returning to Wendy’s house. Reuniting with his family, Peter decides to change his life, and abandons his job in order to devote more time to his family. Realizing he was given something before leaving, Peter hands over to Tootles his lost bag of marbles, whereupon he joyfully shakes it in delight and gets sprinkled in pixie dust. As the family watch him flying out of the house, Peter admits to Wendy that his adventures are not yet over as he hugs his family and they watch Tootles begin his flight to Neverland.

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The film begins when a boy named Telly and an unnamed 12-year-old girl are making out on a bed. With no adults around, Telly, who is a few years older, persuades the girl, who is a virgin, to have sex with him. Afterwards, he meets with his best friend, Casper, and they talk about his sexual experience. Telly has taken to only having sex with virgins.

They go inside a local store, where Casper shoplifts a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor as Telly distracts the cashier. Looking for drugs, food, and a place to hang out, they head to their friend Paul’s apartment, though they express dislike of him on the way there. They arrive at Paul’s house, join the other boys in boasting about their sexual prowess (as well as their nonchalant attitudes to both unprotected sex and diseases), and smoke marijuana while watching a skating video. Casper inhales nitrous oxide out of balloons, which Telly considers dangerous.

Across the city, a group of girls, among them Ruby and Jennie, are talking about sex, with their attitudes contradicting the boys on many topics, particularly oral sex and the significance of the boys to whom they lost their virginities. Ruby and Jennie mention that they were recently tested for STDs at Ruby’s request, though Jennie only got tested to keep Ruby company. Ruby’s test is negative, though she has had multiple sexual encounters, many of them unprotected sex.

Jennie tests positive for HIV. She says she has had sex only once, with Telly. Jennie spends the rest of the day trying to find Telly, to prevent him from passing it on. Telly and Casper walk to Telly’s house and steal money from Telly’s mother, who is preoccupied with taking care of her new baby.

They go to Washington Square Park and buy a dime bag of marijuana from a Rastafari. They then meet up with a few friends to talk and smoke, one of whom gives a blunt-rolling tutorial. As they do, Casper and many others taunt a homosexual couple passing through the park. On the side, Telly briefly talks to Misha, a girl who strongly dislikes Casper, calling him a jerk.

As Casper rides on a skateboard, he carelessly bumps into a man, who furiously threatens him. He pushes Casper, but is struck in the back of the head with a skateboard by Casper’s friend Harold, causing him to collapse. A number of other skaters join in, beating, stomping, and hitting the man with their skateboards until he is rendered unconscious by a final blow to the head by Casper.

While discussing whether or not they killed the man at the park, Telly and some of the group pick up a 13-year-old girl named Darcy, the virginal younger sister of an acquaintance, whom Telly wants to have sex with. He convinces her to go with them to a pool. The other girls engage in kissing and flirtation, but Darcy is restrained. Telly and the group go to an unsupervised party at the house of another friend, Steven.

Meanwhile, Jennie makes her way to Washington Square Park. Here, she talks to Misha, who tells her about Telly’s possible whereabouts. Jennie goes to a rave club called “NASA” trying to find Telly. She runs into Fidget, a raver boy, who shoves a pill into her mouth, which he says is supposed to make “Special K look weak”. It turns out to be a depressant. The pill kicks in and Jennie eventually finds out that Telly is at the party at Steven’s house.

Jennie arrives at the party only to learn she is too late, as she discovers Telly having sex with Darcy. Emotionally drained and the drug still affecting her, Jennie cries and passes out on a couch among the other sleeping partygoers. Casper rapes Jennie as she sleeps, inadvertently exposing himself to HIV. As morning turns to day, a voice-over by Telly explains how sex is the only worthwhile thing in his life. The next morning, Casper wakes up and says “Jesus Christ, what happened?”

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John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Less than an hour after the events of the second film, former hitman said yes York Public Library and retrieves two concealed items – a “marker” medallion and a crucifix. Then he is injured following a fight with a giant assassin named Ernest. Wick leaves to get medical treatment, but his excommunicado begins before the doctor can finish. Wick patches the injury himself and leaves but is found by a gang and after a fight in an antique dealership escapes onto the streets.

John meets with Director, the head of the Ruska Roma, with the crucifix and requests her help in getting safe passage to Casablanca. The Director reluctantly helps, as John is a former protégé and is from Belarus, knowing that this act will violate her peace treaty with the High Table. An Adjudicator of the High Table meets with Winston, the manager of the New York Continental, and the Bowery King, the leader of a network of vagrants. The Adjudicator punishes both for helping John, giving them seven days to resign their positions, and hires Zero, a Japanese ninja. Zero and his students find the Director, slaughtering her guards and stabbing her hands as punishment for helping John.

In Casablanca, John meets Sofia, a former friend and the manager of the Moroccan Continental. He asks her to honor a debt she owes him for aiding her daughter by directing him to the Elder, the only person above the High Table. Sofia takes John to Berrada, her former boss, who tells John he may find the Elder by wandering through the desert until he cannot walk any longer. In exchange, Berrada asks for one of Sofia’s dogs; when Sofia refuses, he shoots the dog, which is saved by a bulletproof vest. In retaliation, Sofia tries to kill Berrada but at John’s warning, she only wounds him. Sofia and John fight their way out of the kasbah and drive into the desert, where she leaves him.

The Adjudicator and Zero confront the Bowery King, who refuses to abdicate his position. Zero’s students slaughter almost all of his henchmen. As penance for helping John, Zero cuts the Bowery King seven times with a wakizashi.

Collapsing in the desert, John is brought to the Elder. John says that he is desperate to live to “earn” the memory of the love he once had with his wife. The Elder agrees to forgive John on condition that he assassinate Winston and continue to work for the High Table until his death. To show his commitment, John severs his ring finger and offers his wedding ring to the Elder. John returns to New York City and is attacked by Zero and his students, before reaching the protection of the Continental. John meets with Winston, who encourages John not to die as an killer but as a man who loved, and was loved by, his wife.

The Adjudicator arrives, but Winston refuses to give up his office and John refuses to kill Winston, leading the Adjudicator to “deconsecrate” the Continental, revoking its neutral ground status. The Adjudicator notifies Zero and sends heavily armed and armored enforcers to kill John and Winston. Winston furnishes John with weapons, and alongside Charon and other hotel staff, John defends the Continental. After killing the enforcers, John is ambushed by Zero and his students, and kills all but two students and fatally wounds Zero.

The Adjudicator agrees to a parley with Winston, who explains his rebellion as a “show of strength” and offers fealty to the High Table. After John arrives, the Adjudicator questions what should be done with him. Winston shoots John repeatedly, and he falls from the Continental’s roof. The Continental is “reconsecrated”, but the Adjudicator informs Winston that John’s body has disappeared, and that he remains a threat to them both. A seriously injured John and his dog are delivered to a now heavily scarred Bowery King. He tells John that he is really pissed off at the High Table; asking John if he is too. The film ends with John saying, “Yeah”.

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John Wick: Chapter 2

Former assassin John Wick retrieves his stolen Mustang car from a chop shop owned by Abram Tarasov, brother of Viggo and uncle of Iosef. John dispatches Tarasov’s men in a violent rampage that heavily damages the Mustang but spares Tarasov under the auspices of peace and returns home, later cementing his weapons into the ground once again.

After chop-shop owner Aurelio takes John’s Mustang in for repairs, John is visited by Italian crime lord Santino D’Antonio, who reminds him that he was the one who helped John in his “impossible task,” which allowed John to retire and marry Helen. In return, Santino swore John to a “marker,” an unbreakable promise symbolized by a “blood oath” medallion. Santino presents the medallion to demand services from John, who declines, claiming that he is retired. Santino then burns John’s house down.

John walks all the way to The Continental Hotel in New York City. Winston, the owner of the hotel, reminds John that if he rejects the marker, he will be violating one of the two unbreakable rules of the underworld: no blood on Continental grounds, and every marker must be honored. John reluctantly accepts his commitment and meets with Santino, who tasks him with assassinating his sister Gianna so he can claim her seat at the “High Table,” a council of twelve high-level crime lords. Santino sends Ares, his mute personal bodyguard, to oversee John.

In Rome, John infiltrates Gianna’s coronation party and confronts her in her dressing room. Faced with certain death, Gianna chooses to take her own life by slitting her wrists. When Gianna dies from blood loss, he shoots her in the head to complete the marker. On his way out, Cassian, Gianna’s bodyguard, recognizes John and, upon realizing that John was sent to kill Gianna, attacks him. John escapes to the catacombs, where he is ambushed by Ares and Santino’s henchmen, who intend to “tie up loose ends” by killing him. After killing most of the henchmen, John is pursued by Cassian. Their intense battle is halted when they crash into the reception area of the Rome Continental, which — like the New York Continental — prohibits any “business” on its grounds. As the two share a drink, John explains why he had to kill Gianna. Nevertheless, Cassian vows revenge for Gianna’s death, promising to kill him quickly as a sign of professional respect.

After John returns to New York, Santino opens a $7 million contract for John’s death under the guise of avenging his sister, leading numerous assassins to unsuccessfully attack John. Eventually, Cassian confronts John in the subway. John wins the fight and mortally wounds Cassian, but leaves him alive out of professional respect. Injured and desperate, John seeks help from an underground crime lord known as the Bowery King, whose subordinates treat John’s injuries and guide him to an art museum where Santino is holding a gala. John dispatches Santino’s henchmen and chases Santino through a mirror exhibit in the museum, where he kills the rest of Santino’s men and kills Ares in a final fight. He pursues Santino, who flees to the Continental, where he smugly makes it clear that he intends to remain indefinitely in its sanctuary. Despite Winston’s warnings, John shoots and kills Santino in the Continental lounge.

The next day, Winston sends for John and explains that, per the High Table, the contract on John has been doubled and offered globally. As a consequence of killing Santino on Continental grounds, Winston declares John “excommunicado,” losing all access and privileges to the underworld resources. However, Winston delays announcing John’s excommunication and global bounty by one hour to give him a head start and provides him with a marker for future use. Before leaving, John advises Winston to make it known that whoever tries to come after him will be killed.

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John Wick

After John Wick loses his wife Helen to a terminal illness, he receives a beagle puppy named Daisy from her to help him cope with his grief. Despite John’s stoic demeanor, he bonds with the puppy and they spend their day driving around in his vintage 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1. At a gas station, he encounters a trio of Russian gangsters whose leader Iosef insists on buying his car, but John repeatedly states that it is not for sale. Frustrated, the mobsters follow John to his home, knock him unconscious, steal his car, and kill Daisy.

Iosef takes the Mustang to a chop shop to have the VIN changed. Aurelio, the shop’s owner, recognizes the car and, upon learning that Iosef stole it from John, punches Iosef before kicking him out of his shop. John visits Aurelio, who identifies Iosef as the son of Viggo Tarasov, the head of the Russian crime syndicate in New York City. Viggo, informed by Aurelio of Iosef’s activities, beats and berates Iosef before explaining to him who John Wick is: A famed assassin formerly in Viggo’s employ, nicknamed “Baba Yaga” (translated in the film as Russian for ‘”Boogeyman”‘). Previously, when John wanted to retire and marry Helen, Viggo gave him an “impossible task”, implied to involve multiple assassinations in a short period of time. John succeeded, and his efforts were key in establishing the Tarasov syndicate.

Viggo tries to talk John out of seeking retribution, but John refuses. Viggo then sends a twelve-man hit squad to John’s house, but John kills them all and has the bodies professionally removed. An unsurprised Viggo places a $2 million bounty on John’s head and personally offers the contract to John’s mentor, Marcus, who accepts the offer. John seeks refuge at the Continental Hotel, which caters exclusively to the criminal underworld and permits no assassinations on its premises. Viggo doubles the bounty for those willing to break the rules to kill John at the Continental. Winston, the Continental’s owner, tells John that Viggo has Iosef under guard at his nightclub, the Red Circle. John enters the Red Circle and makes his way to Iosef, but Viggo’s henchman Kirill waylays John, allowing Iosef to escape.

John retreats to the Continental to patch up his injuries. Ms. Perkins, an assassin and former acquaintance, sneaks into John’s room to kill him, but Marcus alerts John, allowing him to subdue Perkins. John forces Perkins to reveal the location of Viggo’s front, knocks her unconscious, and leaves her with Harry, a fellow assassin, to await punishment. However, Perkins frees herself and kills Harry. John travels to the Little Russia church, which serves as Viggo’s front, and destroys Viggo’s cache of money and blackmail material. When Viggo and his team arrive, John ambushes them, but is subdued and captured. Viggo taunts John for thinking that he could leave his old life behind. Marcus intervenes again, allowing John to free himself and to kill Kirill before accosting Viggo, who (implied to be tired of his son’s behavior) reveals Iosef’s location. John then travels to the safe house, killing Iosef and his bodyguards.

Perkins learns that John and Marcus have been in contact and tells Viggo, who has Marcus beaten and tortured before executing him in his home. Viggo calls John to report this, planning to have Perkins ambush him. While waiting for John, Perkins is called to a meeting with Winston, who has her executed for killing Harry on Continental grounds. Winston calls John to inform him that Viggo is planning to escape by helicopter. John races to the harbor helipad, where he kills Viggo’s remaining henchmen before engaging Viggo in a battle on the dock. Viggo pulls out a knife, and John allows himself to be stabbed, surprising Viggo. John then disarms Viggo and fatally wounds him. John breaks into a waterfront animal clinic to treat his wound and releases a pit bull puppy scheduled to be euthanized. John and the dog walk home along the boardwalk, where he had his last date with Helen.

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Cabin in the Woods

In an underground laboratory, engineers Sitterson and Hadley discuss plans for a mysterious ritual, after a similar operation in Stockholm has just ended in failure. American college students Dana, Holden, Marty, Jules, and Curt are spending their weekend at a seemingly deserted cabin in the forest. From the lab, Sitterson and Hadley remotely control the cabin and manipulate the students by intoxicating them with mind-altering drugs that have effects such as hindering rational thinking and increasing libido. The lab departments take bets on what kind of monster will attack the students and discuss the failures of international operations. In the cabin’s cellar, the group finds many bizarre objects, including the diary of Patience Buckner, a cabin resident abused by her sadistic family. Dana recites incantations from the diary and inadvertently summons the zombified Buckner family.

Hadley releases pheromones to induce Curt and Jules to have sex outside. They are attacked by the zombies and Jules is decapitated while Curt escapes to alert the group. Marty discovers concealed surveillance equipment in his room before being dragged off by a zombie. The lab workers learn that the rite in Japan has also failed, meaning that the American rite is “humanity’s last hope”. Curt, Holden, and Dana attempt to escape in their RV, but Sitterson triggers a tunnel collapse to block them. Curt attempts to jump a ravine on his motorcycle to seek help on the other side, but crashes into a force field and falls to his death. Holden and Dana realize that their experience is staged and retreat to the RV. As they drive back to the cabin, Holden is stabbed by a zombie, and the RV is driven into a lake. Dana swims ashore and is also attacked. The lab employees, seeing that Dana is the only survivor, celebrate the success of the rite, but are interrupted by a phone call from “The Director” pointing out that Marty is still alive.

Marty rescues Dana and takes her to a hidden elevator he discovered under a grave. They descend into the lab and discover a large collection of monsters of various types locked in cages. Dana correlates them with the objects in the cabin’s cellar and realizes that the objects determine which monsters are released. Cornered by security personnel, Dana and Marty trigger a “Purge” button and release all the monsters, which wreak havoc and slaughter most of the staff. Dana and Marty flee the carnage and discover an ancient temple, where they are confronted by The Director. She explains that worldwide annual rituals of human sacrifice are held to appease the Ancient Ones, a group of cruel subterranean deities. Each region has its own ritual, and the American ritual involves the sacrifice of five slasher film archetypes: the whore (Jules), the athlete (Curt), the scholar (Holden), the fool (Marty), and the virgin (Dana). The order of the killings is arbitrary as long as the whore dies first and the virgin dies last or survives. The Director urges Dana to kill Marty to complete the ritual and spare humanity. Dana is suddenly attacked by a werewolf, while Patience Buckner, one of the zombies, kills The Director. Deciding that humanity is not worth saving, Dana and Marty share a joint while awaiting their fate. The temple floor collapses and a giant hand emerges, destroying the facility and the cabin itself.

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