All Day and a Night

An aspiring rapper named Jahkor Lincoln (Ashton Sanders) arrives in prison. He ends up serving a life sentence for murder and looks back on the days preceding his arrest and the circumstances of his childhood to find clues to his way forward in life and his survival.

During his childhood (Jadyn Emil Hall), he suffered abuse from his father JD (Jeffrey Wright), who was a drug addict and a thug. His mother Delonda (Kelly Jenrette) did her best to keep things together. Jahkor ends up turning to petty thefts and assaults with his friend TQ (Isaiah John). Jahkor also ended up offering his services to gangster named Big Stunna (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), while also having a relationship with a woman named Shantaye (Shakira Ja’nai Paye) with whom he ends up having a son named Zion. Although he tried to lead an honest lifestyle for his son, Jahkor always ended up in trouble.

Jahkor offered to kill Stunna’s rival, Malcolm (Stephen Barrington), and he did so by executing Malcolm and his girlfriend Cece (Cydnee Barry) in front of their daughter Miesha (Bianca Richelle) in their home. After his arrest, Jahkor learns that TQ and a former associate, T-Rex, were working for Malcolm. Stunna and his girlfriend murder T-Rex while Jahkor kills TQ when he ends up in prison.

Jahkor meets his son when Shantaye brings him along with her and also assures that his son will not end up like him or JD. Jahkor and JD also work on their relationship behind bars.