Unfriended: Dark Web

Matias finds a laptop at a cyber cafe lost-and-found, and takes it home. The laptop originally belonged to someone called Norah C. IV. Matias is working with a sign language app for his deaf girlfriend, Amaya. However, Amaya becomes upset because the app only makes it convenient for her to understand him, but not the other way around. Matias keeps getting messages on the laptop for Norah from someone named Erica. He logs onto a Skype video call with his friends — Damon, A.J., Lexx, Serena, and Nari — but becomes frustrated when the computer keeps freezing up. Matias discovers that Erica is actually Norah when she demands her laptop back. He decides to return it to the cyber cafe, but before he can he sees a message for Norah about payment they received for a video. Curious, he converses with the mystery person, Charon68. Matias’s friends watch his actions, and A.J. recognizes that Matias is connected to the dark web. When Charon68 mentions trepanation, a disturbed Matias ends the chat.

Damon realizes that “Norah C.” is “Charon” spelled backwards, as Matias begins to find hidden videos on the laptop. He looks up a street address listed in one of them and sees that Erica Dunne went missing from there; the same Erica that Norah was impersonating. Matias receives a video call from Amaya, only to find that it is Norah C., continuing to demand her laptop back, or else she’ll kill Amaya. Matias notices Nari trying to call the police, so he buys her time, saying this was all a game he was making for game night. His friends are relieved, but upset. Matias tries to convince Amaya to come over, but she’s still upset with him, believing he doesn’t want to put in the effort to learn sign language for her. Matias promises he will try and convinces her to come over, though Norah secretly follows her. To ensure Norah complies, Matias transfers her crypto-currency from her account into his. Norah chides Matias for this, but he says he’ll return the money and laptop in exchange for Amaya and Erica’s safety.

Suddenly, Matias receives messages from a group called “The Circle”, who reveal that they are aware of Matias’s actions, and dozens of Charon accounts join the chat. One of them posts a video of Lexx being thrown off a roof while another doctors videos of A.J. planning to attack a mall and plays them for a 911 operator. As police officers storm A.J.’s house, the Circle makes it sound like he’s armed, causing the police to shoot him. Next, they show Nari at the subway and Serena’s mother on life support, forcing Serena to save one of them. When she can’t make the decision, the Circle kills all three. Matias goes to get Amaya, leaving the laptop open so Damon can copy its files. Unbeknownst to Matias, another Charon brings Erica into his closet. When a Charon takes control of the laptop, Damon tells the Circle he was recording everything for the police to find. To his horror, he realizes that the Circle had planned for Matias to find the laptop so they could frame him and his friends for their crimes. Moments later, a Charon hangs Damon by his closet door. Another Charon writes a fake confession and suicide note, implying everyone killed themselves out of guilt. Matias gets a call from Amaya, and realizes that the Circle hacked his messages to lead her astray. He helplessly watches as Amaya is attacked by a Charon. Broken, he asks the Circle why they did all of this. They respond with a clip of him saying it was “game night”.

The Circle launches a poll to decide Matias’s fate; as they vote, he laughs, no longer caring about his own safety. Erica wakes up in Matias’ apartment and goes to the computer begging for help. The video cuts out as she finds a hole in her skull. In the street, the poll reaches its end before a Charon runs Matias over. Their job complete and their crimes pinned on Matias and his friends, the Circle gather in front of the cameras and celebrate while another Charon watches from their own camera.