Elijah works at a wine business and at his family’s local barbecue restaurant, where his father Louis and mother Sylvia also work. Louis expects Elijah to take over the business someday but he isn’t interested.

On a date, Elijah tells Tanya about how he became interested in wine, and expresses his aspiration of becoming a master sommelier. Tanya encourages him to pursue his dream. Elijah takes an entrance exam for the Master Sommelier program and passes it, earning admittance to a sommelier school.

The class is invited to an exchange program in Paris, but Elijah realizes he won’t be able to afford it. Classmate Harvard agrees to split with him and Elijah raises the rest of the money he needs through fundraising. While in Paris, Elijah learns about Sylvia’s cancer diagnosis, but she tells him to stay in France and wires him money despite Louis’s disapproval.

Sylvia dies, and Elijah returns home for the funeral. He begins missing classes for his Sommelier program in order to help Louis at the family restaurant. Eventually, Elijah is forced to withdraw from the program.

Louis gives in and, with Tanya, helps Elijah study for the master sommelier exam. Elijah takes his exam and later finds out that he didn’t pass. He returns to his two jobs. Sometime thereafter, Elijah reenrolls in the sommelier program.