Truck Turner

Mack “Truck” Turner (Hayes) is a former professional football player who becomes a Los Angeles-based bounty hunter after an injury. Truck visits his girlfriend, Annie (Annazette Chase), who is in jail and wants to leave LA when released. Truck and his partner Jerry Barnes go to collect their bounty from Nate Dinwiddie, a bail bondsman, who refers them to Fogarty (Dick Miller), a bail bondsman after a pimp who skipped bail named Gator.

The two visit Dorinda (Nichelle Nichols), who runs Gator’s stable of prostitutes. Truck and Jerry wait for Gator to visit, and chase him, but Gator escapes. A tip from Truck’s friend Duke (Scatman Crothers) allows them to locate Gator again, and kill Gator when he attempts to shoot Truck.

Dorinda threatens Gator’s former whores to keep them in line. Dorinda offers Gator’s competing pimps a deal: whoever kills Truck gets to replace Gator while she runs the stable. The only pimp interested in the violence is Harvard Blue (Kotto). Truck survives several ambushes by Blue’s goons.

When Blue points out that Dorinda will not be able to deal with Truck, they agree to share the cost of getting rid of Truck, and Blue will take over more control of Gator’s stable. Blue’s men force Nate to call Truck and tell him that there is a big job. Truck does not feel sober enough after a night of partying, so he calls Jerry, who dies in Blue’s ambush.

Nate warns Truck of the hit out on him. Truck frames Annie for shoplifting, and the police arrest her. Truck visits Nate again in the hospital. Truck gives Nate Jerry’s gun for protection, and then they shoot Blue’s goons when they burst in. Blue flees, but Truck shoots him. Blue dies a few minutes later in the driver’s seat of his car. Truck confronts Dorinda and more goons at her house, and kills her when she reaches for a gun.

Truck makes up with Annie as she gets out of jail. All of his belongings are packed in the car, and he promises he will go away with her, right away, if she takes him back. They drive off together, leaving LA for good.