They All Laughed

Detective John Russo attempts to cheat on his girlfriend, country singer Christy Miller, with a blonde taxi driver named Deborah Wilson (whom he calls Sam), with the connivance of his colleague Arthur Brodsky. Russo has met Deborah en route from a meeting at which he was assigned to follow Angela Niotes, wife of a European tycoon.

Detective Charles Rutledge falls in love with Dolores Martin, whose husband has also hired him to spy on her. Charles is cautioned against this infatuation by his buddy Arthur. Feeling slighted by Russo’s infidelity, Christy throws herself at Charles, but she ultimately falls in love with Dolores’s extramarital paramour, Jose.

Russo’s pursuit of Angela leads him to fall in love with her. He is grief-stricken when her husband and she return to Europe, but the two women have arranged that Deborah will take her place and nurse his broken heart. Dolores does fall for Charles and they plan to marry when her divorce is final, the only happy ending.