Strangers: Prey at Night

Ten years after the events of the first film, in a secluded trailer park in Kalida, Ohio, the three masked strangers — Dollface, Pin-Up Girl, and the Man in the Mask — arrive in a truck at night to a couple’s trailer. Dollface wakes a sleeping female occupant by knocking at the front door. When she investigates, she sees Dollface already in the house, who kills her offscreen and then lies down in bed next to the woman’s sleeping husband.

Sometime later, Mike and his wife Cindy take a trip with their children, Luke and Kinsey, to their aunt and uncle’s (the couple killed in the opening scene) trailer park to spend time together before Kinsey leaves for boarding school. After arriving, an unmasked Dollface knocks at their front door and asks for Tamara, but is turned away by Cindy. Kinsey and Luke go for a walk and stumble upon a trailer with the door open. Inside, they find their aunt and uncle’s dead bodies.

Back at the family trailer, Dollface knocks a second time and is again turned away. Troubled by the encounter, Mike and Cindy go find the kids, who are in hysterics. Mike follows Luke back to the trailer to find the bodies, while Cindy and Kinsey return to the trailer. They find the cell phones smashed to piece before Dollface appears and kills Cindy, before Kinsey escapes through the trailer roof. Mike and Luke find the voicemail that Cindy left for their uncle in the trailer, realizing that the offenders were waiting for them to arrive. After fending off the Man in the Mask with a gun, they head back to the family trailer, where they find Cindy dead. They then drive their minivan around shouting for Kinsey, before the Man in the Mask throws a brick at the windshield, causing the van to crash and Mike’s impaled with a wooden plank. After giving Luke the gun and telling him to go find his sister, Mike is killed by the Man in the Mask with an ice pick.

Kinsey encounters Dollface and is stabbed before being rescued by Luke who points a gun at Dollface, threatening to shoot her. They instead go into another trailer and bandage up Kinsey’s wounds, before the Man in the Mask drives his truck into the trailer. They escape and Luke hides Kinsey under a porch for safety. When he runs to the general store to call for police, Luke realizes he’s not alone and escapes out to the swimming pool, where he overpowers Pin-Up Girl and stabs her to death. An angry Man in the Mask approaches and attacks Luke in the pool, stabbing him in the back, leaving him to die in the swimming pool, but Kinsey finds Luke and extricates him out of the pool, before setting off to find help.

A deputy finds a disheveled Kinsey lying in the middle of the road, but before he can be of assistance, he is killed by Dollface. Kinsey is able to use the Deputy’s shotgun to overpower and kill Dollface. The Man in the Mask arrives in the truck soon after and totals the police SUV to prevent Kinsey from escaping. She uses her cigarette lighter to ignite a gasoline leak from both trucks, blowing them both up. The Man in the Mask, however, survives the explosion and continues pursuing her in his truck engulfed in flames. He exits and intends to attack her but falls to the ground, having died of his injuries. Kinsey flags down a passing truck for help, but they attempt to flee when they see the Man in the Mask appear, still alive, behind Kinsey. She manages to climb into the back, but the Man in the Mask in pursuits, before Kinsey knocks him off of the truck by bashing him in the head with a baseball bat.

Some time later at a hospital, Luke is in a bed, recovering. Kinsey awakens from a nightmare. As she gets up, she hears the jack-in-the-box toy noise, along with a knocking at the door and the film ends.