At Ken’s bachelor party, a group of men are partying with two stripper sisters named Serena (Taylor Dayne) and Kelly (Jenny McShane). Serena steals one of the men and makes love to him, while a group of men party with her sister Kelly. Kelly accidentally falls onto the stone floor and dies. Another person, her bodyguard, also dies in an accident. Arriving and witnessing the accidental deaths of Kelly and her bodyguard, Serena begins crying and confronts a group of men, who give a weak apology.

Two of the men then kidnap Serena and hold her hostage upstairs. A group of men cover their tracks and eliminate the bodies of the two deceased people. A rescuer frees Serena, but he and Serena are kidnapped by their captors. He and Serena are later rescued. Grabbing the two guns in her hands, Serena shoots and murders her kidnappers.

The reason the wild party began was to turn the tables on Ken, who had always made others the subject of his pranks.