Run Lola Run

Lola receives a frantic phone call from her boyfriend Manni, a bagman responsible for delivering 100,000 Deutschmarks. Over the phone, Manni explains that he was riding the subway to the drop-off location of the money and panicked at the sight of ticket inspectors, exiting the train before realizing that he had left the money bag behind; he saw a homeless man examining it as the train pulled away. Manni is meeting his boss in 20 minutes and will be killed unless he has the money. He is about to rob a nearby supermarket to replace the funds. Lola implores Manni to wait for her and decides to ask her father, a bank manager, for help.

Lola hangs up and runs down the staircase of her apartment building past a man with a dog. At the bank, her father is having a conversation with his mistress, who informs him that she is pregnant. When Lola arrives, her conversation with her father turns into an argument. He tells her that he is leaving her mother and that Lola is not his biological daughter. Lola runs to meet Manni, but arrives too late and sees him enter the supermarket with a gun. She helps him rob the supermarket of 100,000 marks, but on leaving, they find it surrounded by police. Surrendering, Manni throws the money bag into the air, which startles a police officer who shoots Lola dead.

Events restart from the moment Lola leaves the house. This time, she trips over the man with the dog and now runs with a limp, so her arrival at the bank is delayed, allowing her father’s mistress to add that Lola’s father is not the father of her unborn child. A furious Lola overhears the conversation, grabs a security guard’s gun, holds her father hostage, and robs the bank of 100,000 marks. When police mistake her for a bystander, she is able to leave and meet with Manni in time, but he is run over and killed by a speeding ambulance that Lola had distracted moments earlier.

Events restart once more. This time, Lola leaps over the man and his dog, arriving at the bank earlier but not triggering an auto accident as she did the first two times. Consequently, her father’s colleague arrives before her and takes her father away from the office. Lola now wanders aimlessly before entering a casino, where she hands over all the cash she has and plays roulette with a single 100-mark chip. She bets it on the number 20, which wins. Roulette pays 35 to 1, so she wins 3,500 more marks, which she immediately adds to her original chip on 20. She now makes a deafening scream, causing 20 to come up again. She leaves with a bag containing 129,600 marks, and runs to where Manni will be meeting his boss. Meanwhile, Manni spots the homeless man from the subway passing by on a bicycle with the money bag. Manni steals back the bag at gunpoint, giving the man his gun in exchange. Lola arrives to witness Manni handing off the money to his boss. Manni joins Lola, who is dishevelled and perspiring. As they walk along, Manni casually asks her what is in her bag.