Return of the Secaucus 7

Teachers Mike Donnelly (MacDonald) and Katie Sipriano (Renzi) host a gathering at their New Hampshire home of their old activist friends from college. The group begins to arrive slowly, with wannabe folk singer J.T. (LeFevre) hitchhiking his way up, while Frances (Cousineau), his old girlfriend now in medical school, drives separately. Irene (Passanante), a speechwriter for a prominent Democratic senator, arrives with her boyfriend Chip (Clapp), the most conservative member of the group and only one who did not attend college with the others. The group is shocked to hear that longtime couple Maura (Trott) and Jeff (Arnott) broke up, leading the group to feel somewhat uneasy the first night. Maura and J.T. express mutual interest in each other now that Maura is single, and the two have sex that night while Frances is nearby. The group goes to see a play that their old friend Lacey is in, and Katie begins to heckle Lacey, much to Mike’s annoyance.

Jeff’s arrival and apparent lack of knowing that Maura had ended their relationship puts a greater strain on the group’s events, especially when J.T. reveals to Jeff that he and Maura had sex because he believed her to be single. Jeff acknowledges being angry at J.T., but continues their friendship. After playing basketball and skinny-dipping with Mike’s high school friends Ron (Strathairn) and Howie (Sayles), the group goes to a bar where Jeff and Maura get into a loud argument and Ron begins to make passes at Frances, who is upset that J.T. and Maura were intimate. Ron and Francis leave for a local hotel, while Maura leaves alone and the rest of the group drives separately. Out on the road, the group stumbles across a dead deer and are arrested by a hidden police officer on suspicion of illegal game hunting. While sitting in lock-up, the group recounts their various arrests during their college years, and recount the formation of their nickname, the “Secaucus 7”. A local drunk confesses to hitting the deer, and the group is released. The following day, the group leaves one-by-one, and J.T. insists on hitchhiking to Boston, ignoring pleas from Maura to at least give him money for a bus ticket. Jeff is left alone, and angrily begins splitting wood elsewhere on Mike’s property. The film ends with Mike and Katie finding a farewell note from Jeff that reads, simply, “I’m sorry. –Jeff”.