Perfect Friday

Mr. Graham, an assistant bank manager who works in the West End of London, is dissatisfied with his boring life.

He meets Lady Britt Dorset, a spendthrift aristocrat. They devise a plan, along with her husband, Lord Nicholas Dorset, to steal £300,000 from the bank.

Their plan is to be enacted on the day that the manager plays golf. It involves Lord Dorset, posing as a bank inspector, substituting counterfeit money for real money which he places in Britt’s deposit box.

The scheme almost fails when a real inspector arrives, but a second opportunity arises, and Lady Dorset absconds with the funds.

She fails to show up for the scheduled division of the loot, however, and Graham and Lord Dorset realize that they have been double crossed. Undaunted, they begin to plan another robbery for the following year.