Lawn Dogs

The film focuses on 10-year-old Devon Stockard, a precocious and lonely young girl who has recently moved into a gated community called Camelot Gardens in the suburbs of Louisville, Kentucky with her parents, Morton and Clare. Recently having recovered from open heart surgery, Devon is encouraged by her parents to make friends, and she is pushed to sell cookies for a charity event for the summer. While selling cookies, Devon leaves the gated community against the instruction of her mother, and meets Trent Burns, a poor man who lives in a trailer in the woods, and who does landscaping work in Camelot Gardens. An imaginative child, Devon imagines her life to be like the fable of Baba Yaga, a fairytale which the film makes parallels to.

Devon, at first an annoyance to Trent, continues to come to his property and slowly befriends him; despite the innocence of their friendship, he insists that she keep it a secret because of their age difference. While working in Camelot Gardens, Trent begins having altercations with two young men who live there; Brett, who is having an affair with Devon’s mother; and Sean, a man with closeted homosexual tendencies who flirts with Trent. During a family barbecue, Devon explores her father’s car in their garage. She finds her father’s handgun in the glove compartment of his SUV. Brett discovers her with the gun and attempts to molest Devon in the garage, but she escapes. She tells her parents about the incident, but when her parents respond by stressing over the social implications and how influential in the community Brett’s father is, Devon changes the story to that Brett was only trying to tickle her. Clare begins to notice Devon’s apparent friendship with Trent when he comes to do lawn work at their house, and becomes alarmed. Meanwhile, Brett and Sean terrorize Trent by pouring sugar in the fuel tank of his lawnmower and start a fight with him after they wrongfully believe he stole CDs from Sean’s car.

Devon and Trent’s friendship continues to grow, and the two go to visit Trent’s mother and his father, a Korean War veteran who is dying of a lung disease. After leaving Trent’s parents’ house, Trent and Devon go for a drive in the country. While stopped in a field, Devon insists that since the two are “best friends”, she can show him her surgical scar on her chest. She asks him to touch it to his reluctance, and then demands that he show her his abdominal scar which he sustained in a shooting. After showing each other their scars, the two see Sean’s dog running through the field, having escaped. While trying to chase the dog down in the truck, they accidentally run him over. Trent kills the badly injured dog in spite of Devon’s pleas for him not to, and she runs home in a panic over the incident.

Clare and Morton, concerned over Devon’s frantic behavior, ask her what happened, but she refuses to provide details, only saying that Trent killed Sean’s dog and mentions that she and Trent took turns showing each other their scars. Assuming that Trent molested her, Morton drives out to Trent’s property with Devon, assisted by Sean and an ex-cop who is a security guard in Camelot Gardens. The three men confront Trent while Devon sits in the car.

Morton and Sean take turns beating Trent, and Morton accuses him of raping Devon. Morton attacks Trent with a piece of wood, beating him to the ground, and hands it to Sean; but before Sean can hit him, Devon exits her father’s car with his handgun and shoots Sean in the abdomen. As Sean bleeds on the ground, Devon urges Trent to leave, and they say their goodbyes. Armed with her father’s gun, Devon orders her dad to lift her up into a tree that she and Trent had decorated with ribbons, and she imagines a river and a forest rising up behind Trent as he drives away, protecting him as he escapes.