Abhay is an army recruit who spends his holidays in Nepal. Although many women wish to marry him, he is still in love with his childhood love interest, Kesar, whom he has not seen in many years.

Abhay visits Kesar’s village. While he’s there, he decides to adopt the alias ‘Laure’, so he can test whether Kesar will still love him without knowing his identity. He tries to make Kesar fall in love with him. One day, he proposes to her but she refuses, saying she loves another man. Heartbroken, Abhay returns to Kathmandu. Meanwhile, Kesar realizes that Laure is the person she actually loves, and she goes in search of him. As they are about to meet, Kesar is kidnapped. As Abhay chases after the kidnapper, he gets into an unfortunate accident.

Four months later, Abhay is in hospital. He decides to search for Kesar. Eventually, he finds Don, Kesar’s kidnapper, and his henchmen. A fight takes place. As the villains die, they tell Abhay that Kesar was raped and murdered the day she was kidnapped. Abhay kills the kidnapper. The film ends with Abhay injured, crying, and holding a piece of cloth in Kesar’s last memory. The film ends with a final message about rape cases, acting as a didactic message towards audiences