Kiss Me Goodbye

Kay is the widow of a Broadway showman called Jolly, who died after falling down a staircase at their home. Kay is now planning to remarry, to a stuffed-shirt named Rupert, and they live in the same house. Suddenly Jolly returns to her life as a ghost.

Seen only by her, Jolly meddles in Kay’s affairs and causes her mother and others to question her state of mind. On a romantic weekend in the country together, Kay and Rupert are accompanied by Jolly, who is annoyed by Rupert’s pretending to be able to see and hear him. The situation comes to a head back at the house, where a colleague of Rupert’s attempts to stage an exorcism. Jolly, finally convinced that Kay will be okay without him, kisses her goodbye for good. The film ends with Kay and Rupert getting married at the wedding rehearsal, rather than waiting until the next day.