The movie begins with Ravi Verma winning a legal battle against Sir Judah who had unjustly usurped Ravi’s father’s wealth and property after his death. Ravi calls his mother to tell her the good news and that he is marrying his girlfriend Kamini, who unbeknownst to him is a gold-digger working for Judah. On their way home to Coonoor, Kamini rams Ravi over a cliff near a small temple of the Goddess Kali. Distraught at the sudden death of her son, Ravi’s mother demands the Goddess allow her son to pay his mother’s debt for dying prematurely, while Kamini inherits everything. Two decades later, Monty, an orphan raised by G.G. Oberoi, is a twenty-one-year-old singer who starts to have visions of Ravi’s memories triggered by a tune that Ravi used to like.

Monty’s doctors joke that maybe he is Ravi’s reincarnation, but in all seriousness should just take a vacation and rest. Monty travels to Ooty (coincidentally near Coonoor) where Tina lives and they fall in love. Tina tells him that she was brought up by a woman she calls Rani Sahiba and her uncle Kabira who, having served 10 years for murder, is released from jail. As Monty explores the area and learns the Verma Family story from the locals, including that Ravi’s mother and his sister were ousted from their house by Kamini, he starts to experience more of Ravi’s memories which become more intense. He is later shocked to find that Tina’s Rani Sahiba and Kamini are one and the same.

Kabira then reveals to Monty that Tina’s father was murdered by Kamini’s brother after overhearing a secret involving Ravi and the temple of Kali. In retaliation, Kabira killed Kamini’s brother which is why he went to jail. Pretending to know Kamini’s secret, Kabira blackmailed her to raise Tina with a proper education. Monty in kind reveals to Kabira his connection to Ravi Verma, and that they must find Ravi’s estranged family, with whom Monty is united. Accepting that he is Ravi’s reincarnation, Monty is able to piece together Ravi’s murder.

To set things right, Monty and Kabira gradually trick Kamini into believing that Ravi’s ghost seeks revenge. In their final trick, Monty and Tina perform at a local school opening function attended by Kamini, where they dramatize Ravi’s story.

Kamini is horrified to see Ravi’s mother and sister, and flees. When Monty confronts her, Kamini confesses to Ravi’s murder, which the police record. However, Judah holds Tina hostage and offers her in exchange for Kamini. Just as the exchange is about to take place, Tina jumps on Kamini causing a mêlée. Kabira and Monty gain the upper hand but Judah locks Ravi’s mother and sister in a house and sets it ablaze. Monty saves them, and kills Judah in the fire. Kamini escapes in a jeep but Monty pursues her. She tries to ram Monty off the cliff at the temple of Kali in the same way she killed Ravi, but this time Monty jumps away, causing her to drive off the cliff to her death. In the end, the Verma wealth and property is returned to Ravi’s family and Monty marries Tina.