Jenny (1970 film)

Jenny, a young small-town woman, moves away to the city when she becomes pregnant through a one-night stand. She meets film director Delano, who has received a draft notice and does not want to be inducted into the Army. Jenny and Delano take a liking to each other. Learning that an acquaintance got out of having to serve by having a baby on the way, Delano offers to marry Jenny, claim paternity and support her baby, if she in turn will play along, and he can avoid being drafted.

In the months until Jenny’s baby is born, the couple experiences the ups and downs of their in-name-only marriage, including a visit back to her family and hometown, and his ongoing relationship with another woman, as Delano and Jenny await the outcome of his draft case. At the end of the movie, Jenny goes into labor. Delano brings Jenny a little music box; as it plays a nurse brings in Jenny’s new baby. Jenny lovingly holds the newborn and begins to breastfeed as Delano looks on. The movie ends with the two of them staring at the newborn, sleeping soundly in its mother’s arms.