The Grasshopper (1970 film)

Christine Adams, a cheerful 19-year-old from British Columbia, Canada, travels to Los Angeles to be with her fiance, who works there in a bank. When the relationship doesn’t work out, she moves to Las Vegas.

She finds work as a showgirl and meets Tommy Marcott, an African-American former pro football player who holds an executive position at the casino, though in truth he is only used as a “celebrity greeter.” They fall in love and get married, but when Tommy gives a severe beating to a wealthy casino patron who had beaten and raped Christine, they flee Vegas, discussing the possibility that the casino patron will seek revenge. In Los Angeles, Tommy is unable to get a good job and his and Christine’s relationship suffers, and then Tommy is shot dead on a basketball court, likely the anticipated act of revenge.

After the funeral, Christine has a bad reaction to illicit drugs she consumes in her grief. She returns to Las Vegas and finds work as a V.I.P. “party girl”. In that capacity she meets and is persuaded by wealthy client Richard Morgan to return to Los Angeles and be his mistress.

Christine is fond of Richard but she gets bored in her new life, so she becomes romantically involved with Jay Rigney, who she had previously known platonically. She persuades Jay she can get enough money that they can buy a ranch together. However that plan is doomed when Richard asks Christine to marry him, wanting her to spend all her time with him.

Jay persuades Christine the only way they can keep the dream of getting a ranch alive is if she becomes a prostitute and he works as her pimp. She ends her relationship with Richard and for a while things go as they planned. However one night she returns to her and Jay’s apartment to discover he has left her and taken all their money.

Christine goes to the airport where Richard’s private plane is kept, and, with a promise of “some fun” and by sharing a marijuana joint, induces airfield employee Elroy, who she had previously flirted with, to take her up in a skywriting plane. Still sharing the joint, Christine has Elroy write “FUCK IT” across the sky, to the amusement or consternation of those below. The police take away Christine and Elroy when they land. While being arrested Christine is asked her age, to which she replies, “twenty-two”.