Fighting with My Family

Rick and Julia and their kids Saraya and “Zak Zodiac” are a family of wrestlers, who also train other wrestlers. When they grow up, Saraya and Zak apply to join the WWE. Trainer Hutch Morgan agrees to let them try out before a SmackDown taping at The O2 Arena, where they meet Dwayne Johnson. Saraya adopts the stage name Paige.

Morgan chooses Paige to train for the WWE, but not Zak, despite Paige’s protests. Arriving at NXT in Florida, Paige has difficulty with the training, especially given that the other girls there are models and cheerleaders with no wrestling experience. Paige struggles with performing promos and Morgan’s constant belittlement. Morgan makes it clear to Zak that he will never be signed to WWE, and Zak falls into a depression.

At an NXT live event and her in-ring debut, Paige is heckled by the crowd and freezes, leaving the ring in tears. She decides to bleach her hair and spray tan to look more like other trainees. After failing an obstacle course, Paige lashes out at the trainees for gossiping about her when they weren’t.

Morgan tells Paige that her brother’s future in WWE would only have been as enhancement talent and signing would have ruined his life, implying that it did the same to him. Morgan encourages Paige to quit and return to her family for a happier life. She travels home for the Christmas break, and tells her family she is leaving WWE. Angry that she is giving up the dream he failed to achieve, Zak attacks Paige during a wrestling match, then gets in a drunken bar fight. Paige changes her mind after Zak berates her for abandoning their shared dream, and she returns to Florida, resuming her original hair color and skin tone.

She drastically improves in training, befriending and encouraging her fellow trainees. Zak returns to training his parents’ students. Morgan brings the trainees to WrestleMania XXX, where The Rock greets Paige and tells her she will make her Raw debut the following night against WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. Paige makes her Raw debut and again freezes at first, but ends up winning the match.