Face (1997)

Five men, criminals Ray, Dave, Stevie, Julian (“Julie” as a nickname), and Jason, plan a heist to steal a minimum of £2 million. Using a truck modified as a battering ram, the group break into a security depot in London and steal a large amount of money before the police arrive. However, they discover they got significantly less than the amount of money they wanted, and only £68,000 to each man. Julian demands an extra sum for “expenses” for his work, but is beaten and placed in the boot of Ray’s car until he just accepts his share. The group, without Julian, later spend time at a bar with fellow criminal Sonny, and Ray’s girlfriend Connie, a protester. Ray and Stevie also visit an elderly couple, Linda and Bill, where they leave their stolen money for safekeeping.

The next day, Ray and Stevie, who live together with Connie, are alerted by a bruised Dave that his money was stolen, apparently by Julian. Ray, Dave and Stevie investigate Linda and Bill’s home to find them murdered and the money stolen, leaving Ray emotionally distraught. He visits Julian but his money is missing too. They conclude that Sonny stole the money and break into his house, only to find Jason dead with a head wound. The four are alerted to a pair of undercover police officers and flee, Dave and Julian engaging in a shootout with the police. Believing that he may be arrested for murder, Ray decides to flee after the money is found, and goes to his mother and Connie for help. His mother gives him some money and her car to use, disappointed in her son’s career but still caring for him. Ray then speaks with Connie and asks her to come with him, and to meet her at a roadside service station on the M1 if she decides to come.

Ray visits the bar and learns from John the bartender that Dave left in a taxi with Jason and Sonny after the heist. Dave is beaten and interrogated by Ray, Stevie and Julian, revealing he was being blackmailed by his daughter’s boyfriend Chris, a corrupt police officer, to gain him the money to protect his daughter from harm. Dave also murdered Linda, Bill, Jason and Sonny. The group attack Chris in his apartment, and he is forced to reveal that the money is in a locker room at a local police station. Dave is taken upstairs by the rest of the gang whereupon he sees a tray of prepared cocaine, enraging Dave to the point that he chokes Chris to death. Stevie and Julian remove Sarah, and Ray shoots Dave for his treachery and his murders.

Ray, Stevie and Julian sneak into the police station and recover the money, but Julian turns on the other two and takes all the money. However, an alarm goes off, prompting Julian to go on a shooting frenzy and makes a one-man stand against all the police in the building, whilst Ray and Stevie, who is shot in the leg during the madness, escape safely with Julian’s fate assumed to be being arrested after being knocked out with a knock-out gas bomb. They go to the M1 service station and are picked up by Connie, the three driving off to begin life anew.