Falling Down

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William Foster is living in Los Angeles. He is recently divorced (his ex-wife, Beth, has a restraining order against him) and has been fired from his job. After his car’s air conditioning fails, he abandons his car in a traffic jam on the highway and begins walking. At a convenience store, the Korean owner, mistaking …

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Fanny & Alexander

In 1907, the young boy Alexander, his sister Fanny and their well-to-do family, the Ekdahls, live in a Swedish town and run a moderately profitable theatre. At Christmastime, the Ekdahls hold a Nativity play and later a large Christmas party. The siblings’ parents, Emilie and Oscar, are happily married until Oscar suddenly dies from a …

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Fantasy Island

Gwen, Patrick, Melanie, and brothers JD and Brax, arrive by airplane at Fantasy Island after winning a contest. They are greeted by resort worker Julia, and speculate about how the resort will fulfill their fantasies. The island’s proprietor, Mr. Roarke, arrives and explains that each of them will be given one fantasy and that they …

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