Concussion (2013 film)

Abby Ableman is a 42-year-old apartment flipper and interior designer with a routine domestic life and obligations. One afternoon, Abby’s son Jake accidentally hits her on the head with a baseball and she is rushed to the emergency room by her wife, Kate, a divorce attorney. After being diagnosed with a concussion, Abby spends the next few days in a daze and begins to rethink her life. Kate falls asleep on Abby as they try to have sex.

After an unsatisfying sexual encounter with a prostitute, Abby makes arrangements through her employee, Justin, to sleep with a young woman named Gretchen. The two women discuss how Gretchen uses this line of work to pay for college and that she loves having access to sexual encounters. Abby realizes that she also enjoys having access to new sexual encounters as they provide an escape from her monotonous life; she decides to take clients on a weekly basis. She meets with The Girl, Justin’s business partner and new girlfriend, who agrees to send interested women to Abby in exchange for a small fee. Abby creates her alias, Eleanor, and meets with every potential client at a coffee shop as a precaution, only inviting them to her private loft to have sex if she deems them safe.

Soon enough, Abby has sexual encounters with a wide variety of women, eventually becoming entangled with Sam Bennet, whom she recognizes from spin class. Like Abby, Sam finds herself in a nuclear family which includes a successful spouse (a husband in Sam’s case), children, and plenty of money, yet feels an emptiness inside her. Abby’s interest in Sam grows as she contemplates spending more time than just their sexual encounters together.

Later, Abby attempts to have sex with Kate but comes off as too aggressive, leading Kate to call it off. Abby meets with Justin about which clients she wants to keep, prompting Justin to ask Abby if this is what she really wants to be doing with her life. Put off by this, Abby meets with The Girl at a coffee shop, where she cuts Justin out of the deal. After another sexual encounter, Abby misses picking up her kids from school, leading to a disagreement with Kate. Days later, Kate takes one of her divorce clients to tour the loft in the hopes of selling it. Abby acts disinterested as Justin pushes for the loft to be sold. The following night, Abby sees Sam with her husband Graham at the supermarket. She keeps her distance at first and observes how they seem to be a perfectly happy couple. Abby innocently introduces herself to Graham before making awkward conversation with Sam and leaving the store by herself.

In time, Kate begins to suspect the encounters. She walks into the loft one day and finds a sleeping Abby, still naked from her most recent session. At home, Abby is on the phone with a client when Kate suddenly drives off. Abby chases after Kate but instead runs into Sam. Abby confronts Sam about their secret relationship, concluding that their sexual encounters were simply due to shared boredom. When Kate returns, Abby questions her wife why she never seems to want her. Kate confesses that she doesn’t want anybody, including Abby.

Abby sells the loft to Kate’s recent divorce client and returns to her ordinary life with her wife and children. During spin class, she tells her friend Pru about all the maintenance she has to do on the house and on a new loft before the upcoming family trip to Argentina. When Pru asks her what she really wants, Abby echoes Sam and replies that she wants to take a hot yoga class.