Cheyenne Social Club

In 1867, John O’Hanlan and Harley Sullivan are aging cowboys working on open cattle ranges in Texas. John gets a letter from an attorney in Cheyenne, Wyoming that his brother, D.J., left him The Cheyenne Social Club in his will. After making the trek to Cheyenne, John and Harley learn The Cheyenne Social Club is a high-class brothel next to the railroad. John falls into disfavor with both the Club’s ladies and the men in Cheyenne when he decides to close the Club. John learns his brother’s will had a provision the property would revert to the railroad if the ladies moved. Jenny, the Club’s madam, is assaulted by a man named Bannister. John kills Bannister and regains popularity. Bannister’s relatives come to Cheyenne for revenge, but John, Harley and Jenny successfully fight them off. When advised that even more of the Bannisters’ relatives will soon come to town, John transfers ownership of the property to Jenny and he and Harley return to Texas.