Change of Mind

A married couple struggles to adjust when the husband, dying of cancer, has his brain is transplanted into the body of a black man.

David Rowe (St. Jacques) is a white district attorney who must now live his life as a black man. His wife Margaret (Oliver) tries to deal with the transformation of her husband’s appearance as David feels the stings of racial prejudice for the first time. She has trouble being intimate with the man she knows is still her husband.

Racist Sheriff Webb (Nielsen) is a local lawman who resents the district attorney, but after the sheriff is accused of killing his own black mistress, he must rely on David for his legal defense. Rowe investigates the murder of the young black woman while dealing his superiors, friends and family treating him differently.

During his investigation, David has to deal with the moral quandary of releasing evidence that clears the Sheriff, knowing it will allow the Sheriff to continue to abuse minorities.