The Lifeguard

Leigh London is a talented writer living in New York City with a job as a journalist and a relationship with her engaged boss. At the beginning of the story, Leigh must accept the end of her love affair and is tasked with reporting the story of a tiger cub who was kept tied up as a pet in someone’s home until it died. To Leigh’s astonishment the piece isn’t run as serious news, and she breaks down, arguing with her boss and ex-lover. Now entirely disillusioned with her life in the city, she decides to leave—without notifying her job—and return to her hometown. When she arrives at home Leigh’s mother questions her sudden return, meanwhile her father is delighted to see her, especially after Leigh announces her decision to stay indefinitely. She becomes reacquainted with two of her former friends, art appraiser, Todd, and vice principal, Mel. While having some drinks with them, she announces that she’s taken up her high school job as the community pool lifeguard, where she meets the maintenance man’s son, Little Jason.

Over the next few weeks, she becomes friends with Jason and his best friend, Matt, and encourages wild behavior on her two high school friends, hanging out with the teens and smoking pot. Todd happily goes along with Leigh’s behavior; while Mel does too, it takes its toll on her relationship with her husband as they are trying to conceive a baby. Leigh begins to spend a lot more time with Jason, and soon she realizes her attraction to him and vice versa. One night, after hanging out at the pool after hours with their friends, Leigh goes to the bathroom/changing room where Jason follows her and they kiss. The kiss quickly escalates into sex, and this starts a relationship between the two that continues over the summer, leading to frequent sexual encounters. One day while the two are having sex in bed, Leigh realizes she’s falling in love with Jason and talks him into staying around longer instead of moving to Vermont with Matt as he had planned. Matt has been kicked out by his mother and has made it clear that he is desperate to leave town.

After Jason postpones the Vermont plans, Matt becomes very disheartened. Meanwhile, Mel’s husband becomes increasingly frustrated with her “carefree” behavior. While at the pool one morning, Todd discovers Leigh and Jason kissing but doesn’t say anything. Leigh’s mother asked her to move out as she isn’t the only one trying to get their life in order; Leigh stays with Jason. Her cat goes missing in the process. Todd lets it slip to Mel that Leigh is staying at Jason’s and Mel discovers the relationship between the two, to her horror. She approaches Leigh in anger and plans to inform Jason’s father. Leigh and Jason then go searching for her cat, only to discover Matt has committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in the woods. Matt repeatedly mentions throughout the film that he hates life in the town and is desperate to get to Vermont. It seems Jason’s postponement was his last bit of hope broken.

This takes its toll on Jason very hard and he is deeply distraught. Leigh takes the responsibility to inform Matt’s mother, who is also heartbroken at the news. Leigh consoles her until her relatives arrive and then later finds her missing cat hiding near her parents’ house. At the funeral, she makes her peace with Mel and goes to meet Jason one last time before they both leave. They share an emotional hug, both showing a strong affection for one another. She gives him $1,000 she won from a journalist prize, and walks away with tears in her eyes, knowing that her feelings for Jason could never truly be acted upon. The final scene ends with a postcard from Jason stating he still thinks about her a lot and Matt also.

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Washed up former race driver Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) arrives home to find his house ransacked and his wife, Leanne, missing. He then receives a phone call from a mysterious man known only as The Voice (Jon Voight), who reveals himself as the kidnapper of Magna’s wife. The man tells Magna that he must follow a set of instructions precisely in order to be reunited with his wife. The Voice orders Magna to steal a specially customized Shelby Mustang from a parking garage. The Voice warns Magna that if he does not follow the instructions or is caught, Leanne will die.

Magna sees two police officers chasing him and speeds off. Being a skilled driver, he is able to evade them with ease, eventually setting a trap to cause one to crash into the other. Despite more police cars joining the pursuit, Magna is able to out maneuver them. Magna is again contacted by The Voice, who directs him towards his next task. He tells Magna to speed up and take some perilous turns, eventually being forced to crash through a park, ice rink, and shopping center, nearly killing numerous civilians in the process. The Voice calls to congratulate him and tells him to keep moving. Magna is ordered to crash into a water truck and run through a red lighted intersection, causing accidents in his wake. Magna is then ordered to park in a construction zone and await further instructions. While Magna is waiting, a young woman, who is armed with a gun, known only as The Kid (Selena Gomez) attempts to steal Magna’s car, but Magna overpowers her and takes her gun, and then takes her with him on The Voice’s orders. The Voice then orders Magna to kill The Kid. Magna refuses, and The Voice says that keeping her alive was the right choice, as he will need her help. As Magna and The Kid drive off, with more police in pursuit, she reveals that the Mustang is, in fact, her car, and that she was told, by a police officer, it was stolen. Magna realizes that their meeting was orchestrated by The Voice.

After the Voice assigns Magna another destructive task, The Kid reveals herself as a skilled computer hacker and the daughter of the C.E.O of a large bank. The Voice contacts Magna again and orders him to upload the contents of a USB flash drive into a computer before 11:30 pm. Upon reaching the designated area, a power plant, The Kid attempts to hack the computer in order to contact the police. She appears to succeed, only for The Voice to reveal that he set up the computer as a trap for her, framing her as the person who destroyed the plant. The plant suddenly overloads and explodes, blacking out a large portion of the city.

The Voice gives Magna his final task: to rob the bank owned by The Kid’s father. The Kid points out that there is no actual money at her father’s bank; it is an investment firm which holds all of its assets on computers. Gradually, the duo realizes that they are not actually committing a heist, but are merely providing a distraction for the police while The Voice executes the real robbery and subsequently frames them for it.

As The Voice’s men attempt to commandeer an armored car carrying sensitive hard drives, Magna surprises and overpowers them, succeeding in taking the drives. Now fleeing from the police and The Voice’s men, Magna calls The Voice and offers to release the hard drives in exchange for his wife. The Voice accepts and directs him to an airplane hangar. While it appears that Leanne is about to be returned, The Kid deduces that The Voice is planning to have them all killed when the deal is done. As Magna, Leanne, and The Kid attempt to escape, the police arrive, and in the ensuing chaos, a man Magna assumes to be The Voice grabs The Kid and drives off with her. Magna leaves Leanne with the police and pursues.

Following a high speed chase, both cars are destroyed, Magna rescues The Kid, and the police arrest the mysterious man. Leanne and Magna are reunited. However, Magna receives a phone call from The Voice, revealing that the man who was busted was no more than a decoy. The Voice thanks Magna for his help and hangs up.

It is revealed that The Voice was in fact controlling the entire operation from a bar in the United States. He checks his balance, revealing that almost 3 billion dollars have been transferred to his account, and walks out of the bar.

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Closed Circuit

A bomb planted in a lorry detonates in London’s Borough Market killing 120 people. The London police receive an anonymous tip and arrest Farroukh Erdogan, a Turkish immigrant, as the terror cell leader and mastermind of the attack. Two other members of the cell die in the bombing and the fourth is killed by police in a shoot-out during the raid to apprehend him. When Erdogan’s Defense Barrister commits suicide, Martin Rose is appointed by the Attorney General to replace him, joining Special Advocate Claudia Simmons-Howe. Due to national security concerns, Erdogan’s case follows closed material procedures; Claudia represents Erdogan during closed sessions with a judge ruling what evidence is permissible for Martin to use in the open public trial. MI5 Agent Nazrul Sharma is assigned to provide Claudia with the closed material and monitor her activities.

Martin discovers that despite his extensive criminal record, Erdogan was somehow quickly approved for immigration from his previous residence in Germany to England and within six months was living well beyond his income. He finds proof that Farroukh Erdogan is really Mussi Kartal, a member of a terror cell responsible for bombing a U.S. Air Force base in Munich a few years prior. Kartal cut a deal with prosecutors to avoid prison, agreeing to work as an informant for MI5 by infiltrating the London terror cell and providing MI5 with information to make arrests. Martin suspects that after the Borough Market bombing, MI5 feared their botched operation would be publicly blamed as directly financing terrorism and sought to have Kartal take the fall and suppress any evidence of MI5 involvement. Martin and Claudia discussed the matters discreetly during the England national football team match at the Wembley Stadium.

In the first closed court session, MI5 Agent Melissa Fairbright reveals that Kartal’s son Amir had hacked into his father’s laptop and had provided valuable information to MI5. The judge orders Amir’s testimony in court, deeming it relevant to the case. Amir, who is being monitored by MI5 agents at a safe house with his mother, manages to escape to his aunt’s home. He meets with Martin and Claudia, giving them a flash drive detailing his father’s involvement with the MI5 terror cell operation. Martin and Claudia realize MI5 will kill Amir to protect themselves and go on the run with him overnight, planning to have him testify in court the next day. Amir testifies in closed session, but Kartal is later murdered in prison and made to look like a suicide by hanging. With Kartal dead, the case collapses and all evidence of the MI5 operation is suppressed from public disclosure. Amir and his mother, however, are allowed to remain in England.

Three months later, as Martin and Claudia rekindle their romance that resulted in Martin’s divorce from his wife, information of MI5’s involvement in the Borough Market bombing is anonymously leaked to the media.

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You’re Next

Erin accompanies her boyfriend, Crispian Davison, to his family reunion at their vacation home in rural Missouri. Present are Crispian’s parents Aubrey and Paul, Crispian’s older brother Drake and his wife Kelly, Crispian’s younger siblings Felix and Aimee, and their partners, Zee and Tariq, respectively.

During dinner, someone shoots crossbow bolts through the window, killing Tariq and wounding Drake. The survivors discover that their cell phone reception has been jammed. Aimee runs outside for help but runs into a garrote wire which slices her throat, killing her. An intruder wearing a fox mask kills Aubrey, leaving the words “you’re next” in blood on the wall.

Erin texts 911 and searches for weapons. Another assailant in a tiger mask attacks her but she escapes by stabbing his hand. Kelly discovers Fox Mask, panics and flees the house, only to be killed by an attacker wearing a lamb mask. Crispian leaves the house to look for help. Tiger Mask attacks Erin with an axe but she kills him.

Paul finds sleeping bags and food wrappers that indicate the killers have been staying in the house for some time. Fox Mask kills him. It is then revealed that Felix and Zee hired the assassins to murder the family so they could collect their inheritance. Lamb Mask finds Tiger Mask’s corpse and flips the dinner table over in rage. He discovers a wounded Drake hiding, but retreats after Erin stabs him with a screwdriver. Erin sets up nail traps by the house’s entrances, explaining to Zee that she grew up in a survivalist compound where she learned combat and survival skills. Felix kills Drake.

On the upper floor, Erin comes across Paul’s body. She jumps through a window to escape Fox Mask, injuring her leg. Lamb Mask is injured by one of her nail traps. While hiding, Erin overhears an argument between Felix, Zee, Fox Mask, and Lamb Mask. Her cell phone beeps to indicate that her text to 911 has gone through, alerting the killers. She is able to ambush and kill Lamb Mask.

Realizing she cannot outrun Fox Mask with a wounded leg, Erin sets a trap at the front door. Fox Mask enters through a window, so Erin kills him in the basement. Zee and Felix attempt to kill Erin themselves, but she kills them with a blender and knife. Felix’s cell phone rings and Erin answers without speaking. Believing he is speaking to Felix, Crispian reveals his involvement in the scheme. Erin confronts him when he returns, and Crispian explains that she was never meant to be targeted. After he attempts to bribe her into staying quiet, she kills him in disgust.

A police officer arrives and shoots Erin in the shoulder, having seen her kill Crispian. After calling for backup, he attempts to enter the house and falls victim to Erin’s front door trap.

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Short Term 12

Grace Howard is the young supervisor of Short Term 12, a group home for troubled teenagers. She lives with her long-term boyfriend and coworker, Mason, but finds it difficult to open up to him emotionally. When Grace finds out she is pregnant, she schedules an appointment for an abortion; she eventually tells Mason about the pregnancy, who is overjoyed. She does not tell him she plans to have an abortion. At their facility, Grace and Mason focus their efforts on Marcus, a resident who is about to turn 18 and is struggling with the prospect of leaving the facility.

Grace bonds with Jayden, a recent arrival at Short Term 12 who has a history of self-harm. Jayden distances herself from the other teenagers, as she does not intend to stay at the facility for long. When her father fails to pick her up on her birthday, she reacts violently toward the staff. After her outburst, she sits in the “cool-down room” with Grace, who shows Jayden her own scars from cutting herself. That night, Jayden leaves the facility in the middle of her birthday celebrations. Unable to force her to return, Grace follows Jayden to her father’s house. After finding the house empty, they return to Short Term 12. When Jayden reads Grace a cryptic story she has written, Grace begins to suspect that Jayden was abused by her father.

At a party hosted by Mason’s foster parents, he proposes to Grace, who accepts. The following morning, Grace is upset by a phone call that reveals her father is being released from prison. She refuses to be consoled by Mason. She arrives at Short Term 12 to discover that Jayden has been picked up by her father overnight. She is angry at the decision to send Jayden back to her father, but her boss maintains that Jayden denied that she was abused by him. Later that day, Grace finds that Marcus has attempted to commit suicide after the death of his fish.

While waiting at the hospital as Marcus is being treated, Grace breaks down. Mason becomes upset for her refusing to talk to him about how she feels; instead, she tells him that she no longer wants to marry him and that she plans to have an abortion. She returns to Jayden’s father’s house and breaks in, intending to kill him while he sleeps, but she is interrupted by Jayden, who suggests that they smash his car instead. Grace tells Jayden that she was sexually abused by her own father. After Jayden shows Grace bruises from blows by her father, they return together to Short Term 12, where Jayden reports her father for physical abuse. Grace goes home to apologize to Mason, who tells her that Marcus will recover.

Several weeks later, Grace starts seeing a therapist. She is shown viewing an ultrasound of her fetus with Mason. Mason tells the rest of the staff about running into Marcus, who is doing well and has a girlfriend.

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Drinking Buddies

Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke (Jake Johnson) are co-workers at Chicago craft brewery Revolution Brewing, where they spend their days drinking and goofing off. They seem to be perfect for each other, but they are both in relationships. Kate is with Chris (Ron Livingston), and Luke is with Jill (Anna Kendrick). Jill is a nice and practical girl, whereas Chris is more of an introvert. Jill presses Luke about marriage, which he promises he will be able to talk about some time soon.

One day, Luke and Kate are drinking with co-workers, and Jill and Chris also show up. Chris invites Luke and Jill to join him and Kate for a trip to his family’s cottage. During the trip Jill and Chris go for a long hike in the woods, where they end up kissing.

Luke and Kate spend the whole trip drinking and staying up late alone together, and end up having a bonfire together. Kate invites Luke to go skinny dipping before stripping off her clothes and running into the lake.

After the group returns home, Chris realizes his and Kate’s differences and breaks up with her. Newly single Kate insists the whole brewery crew go out the next evening for drinks to celebrate her ‘singleness.’ That night she ends up sleeping with a co-worker, Dave. When Luke hears about this he is angry at both Dave and Kate and spends the whole day snapping at both of them, but eventually apologizes for his behavior. Jill decides to go away for a week with some friends from college. During this trip, Luke and Kate go out for dinner and fall asleep together on the couch. Luke agrees to help Kate clean out her old apartment and move the next day, and at the end of the day Luke falls asleep on the bed. Kate joins him.

The next morning, Luke and Kate keep moving and make plans to get dinner to celebrate when they are done. Luke cuts his hand badly while helping move a couch. Kate is squeamish about the blood and unhelpful. An impatient driver, blocked by the moving van, yells at them and starts a fight with Luke. After Luke ends up with a broken lip, Kate calls Dave and another co-worker to help finish the move. When Dave invites Kate out for drinks, she agrees to go with him instead of going to dinner with Luke. Luke is annoyed and an argument ensues.

Returning home, Luke finds Jill has come home early, and she is crying. She sees his injuries and while cleaning him up, confesses to kissing Chris while at the cottage. She tells Luke how guilty she feels about what happened, and that she really loves him and wants to marry him. Luke forgives Jill and lets her know that he still loves her and wants to marry her. The next day at work Kate and Luke awkwardly interact and then eventually end up sitting together at lunch. They each offer one another bits of their lunch before they crack a smile, and drink a beer.

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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

New York City teenager Clary Fray begins seeing and drawing a strange symbol, worrying her mother Jocelyn Fray and family friend, Luke Garroway. At a crowded nightclub with her friend, Simon Lewis, Clary is the only one who can see Jace Wayland and his accomplices killing a man. The next day, two men, Emil Pangborn and Samuel Blackwell, arrive at the Fray apartment searching for a cup. Jocelyn calls Clary, frantically telling her to stay away and to warn Luke about someone named Valentine; she then drinks a potion putting her in a deep sleep. Returning home, Clary finds her mother missing and is attacked by a dog-like creature. Jace, a “Shadowhunter”, appears and kills it, explaining that it, like the “man” killed at the nightclub, was a demon in another form.

With help from the Frays’ neighbor, Madame Dorothea, a witch, Jace deduces that Pangborn and Blackwell seek a lost artifact called the Mortal Cup. Jace and Clary, along with Simon, go to Luke’s antique store. Pangborn and Blackwell are forcibly interrogating Luke who, to protect Clary and Jocelyn, falsely claims he cares nothing about the Frays and only wants the Mortal Cup. The trio escapes to the Shadowhunter Institute, a hidden cathedral-like building, where Jace treats Clary, who was stung by the demon. She and Simon meet two other Shadowhunters, siblings Alec and Isabelle Lightwood, and Shadowhunter leader, Hodge. Clary learns that Shadowhunters, invisible to mortals, are half-human, half-angel demon slayers. Clary has inherited her Shadowhunter mother’s powers, including drawing temporary magical runes on the skin. The Mortal Cup is one of three Mortal Instruments given to the first Shadowhunter by the Angel Raziel. Shadowhunters are either descended from other Shadowhunters or made by drinking from the cup. Hodge explains that Valentine Morgenstern, an ex-Shadowhunter who betrayed the order, now seeks the Cup to control both Shadowhunters and demons.

Hodge instructs Jace to take Clary to the City of Bones, a sanctuary beneath a cemetery. When the Silent Brothers attempt to unlock Clary’s blocked memories, they uncover a connection to Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn. At Bane’s club, he tells Clary that Jocelyn had him block knowledge of the Shadowhunter world from Clary’s mind. When Vampires kidnap Simon, Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Clary trail them to their hideout. They find Simon, but vampires outnumber them. Werewolves intervene and save them.

As Simon recovers at the Institute, Clary notices two puncture marks on his shoulder, while he discovers he suddenly no longer needs eyeglasses. Clary shares a romantic evening with Jace, ending in a kiss. When Simon jealously confronts Clary about it, she downplays the incident, angering Jace. Simon confesses he loves Clary, though she does not reciprocate his feelings.

Clary realizes the Mortal Cup is hidden inside one of Madame Dorothea’s tarot cards that her mother painted as a gift. The group goes to Dorothea’s apartment, but a demon has replaced her. Simon and Jace kill it, but Alec is lethally stung. Clary retrieves the Mortal Cup card, and they return to the institute. Hodge summons Magnus Bane to heal Alec.

Clary removes the Mortal Cup from the card and gives it to Hodge, who betrays them by summoning Valentine Morgenstern through a portal and giving him the Cup. When Valentine reveals he is Clary’s father, she refuses to join him. She puts the cup back into the card, then escapes through the portal that transports her to Luke’s store. Luke, revealed to be the werewolf who helped fight the vampires, confirms that Valentine is her father and says Clary had an older brother named Jonathan, who died as a toddler. Luke and his werewolf pack go to the Institute with Clary to battle Valentine after he summons demons through a roof opening. Simon finds Jocelyn, still unconscious, at the Institute, and he and Isabelle close the roof opening with help from a repentant Hodge.

Clary and Jace fight Valentine, who lies by claiming Jace is his son. Clary tricks Valentine by giving him a replica Mortal Cup, then pushes him into the portal, destroying it. Jocelyn is rescued but remains unresponsive at the hospital. Clary uses her new-found powers to repair the apartment. Jace arrives, confessing he needs her and disbelieves they are siblings and will uncover the truth. Realizing she belongs in the Shadowhunter world, Clary returns to the Institute with Jace.

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Adam Cassidy is a low-level inventor who works for a corporation run by Nicholas Wyatt. After being fired for insubordination, Adam uses the company’s credit card to pay for bottle service for his friends at a club. Wyatt and his enforcer, Miles Meechum, blackmail Adam into becoming a corporate spy for Wyatt by threatening to have him arrested for fraud.

Adam is trained by Judith Bolton and infiltrates a company run by Wyatt’s former mentor, Jock Goddard. He provides Goddard, who stole several of Wyatt’s ideas, with an advanced software able to hack into cellphones, with potential military applications. FBI Agent Gamble interrogates Adam, revealing that three other employees of Wyatt who transferred to Goddard’s company were found dead, but Adam ignores him.

Adam finds out Emma Jennings, a woman he met during the party, is the Director of Marketing of Goddard’s company. He initiates a relationship with Emma in order to steal files about Goddard’s upcoming projects. Wyatt threatens to kill Adam’s father, Frank Cassidy, if Adam doesn’t steal a revolutionary prototype cellphone, called Occura developed by Goddard. Adam later finds out Meechum and Bolton are monitoring him, so he destroys the cameras in his apartment. In retaliation, Meechum runs over Adam’s friend, Kevin, with a car, almost killing him. Adam is given 48 hours to steal the prototype.

Adam uses Emma’s thumbprint lifted from a spoon to gain security access to the company’s vault. He is confronted there by Goddard, who intends to take over Wyatt’s company with evidence that Adam was acting as Wyatt’s spy. Emma finds out Adam used her. Adam recruits Kevin to help him. A meeting is set with Wyatt and Goddard, where it is revealed that Bolton has spied against Wyatt on Goddard’s behalf. Both men speak of the crimes they have committed to sabotage each other’s companies.

Adam has secretly used software to transmit their conversation to Kevin, whose computer recordings are turned over to the FBI. Goddard, Wyatt, Bolton and Meechum are arrested by Gamble, while Adam is released for contributing to the FBI’s investigation. He opens a small startup company in Brooklyn with Kevin and their friends, and reconciles with Emma, thanking her with a passionate kiss.

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The film opens in 2001 with a middle-aged Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) introducing the iPod at an Apple Town Hall meeting.

The story flashes back to Reed College in 1974. The high tuition forces Jobs to drop out, but Dean Jack Dudman (James Woods) allows him to sit in on classes. Jobs is particularly interested in a calligraphy course. Jobs meets up with his friend Daniel Kottke (Lukas Haas), who is excited to see Jobs with a copy of Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass. Influenced by this book and their experiences with LSD, Jobs and Kottke spend time in India.

Two years later, Jobs is back in Los Altos, California, living with his adoptive parents Paul (John Getz) and Clara (Lesley Ann Warren). While working for Atari as a video game developer, Jobs develops a partnership with his friend Steve “Woz” Wozniak (Josh Gad). Jobs is encharged by his boss Al Alcorn (David Denman) to re-develop an arcade video game (Breakout), which he ends up having Wozniak build in his place. The job is such a success that Alcorn presents it to President Nolan Bushnell, but Jobs inequitably distributes the salary for the game development between Wozniak and himself.

Later, Jobs discovers that Wozniak has built a prototype for a “personal home computer” (the Apple I), which he expresses interest in commercialising. They name their new company Apple Computer, though there is another company called Apple Records that is owned by The Beatles (Wozniak teases Jobs that this symbolizes his preference for Bob Dylan). After a failed sale at his employer company HP, Wozniak reluctantly demonstrates the Apple I at the Homebrew Computer Club, much to the audience’s boredom. Jobs is later approached by Paul Terrell (Brad William Henke) who shows interest in the Apple I. Jobs persuades his father Paul to let them set up their new company in the family garage (which is a carpentry/tool center). Jobs also recruits Kottke, fellow engineer Bill Fernandez (Victor Rasuk), and young neighbour Chris Espinosa (Eddie Hassell) to the Apple team.

Terrell’s disappointment in the Apple I (in his opinion, being only a motherboard and not a full computer as promised), inspires Jobs to restart with a second model. He hires Rod Holt (Ron Eldard) to re-conceptualize the power supply for what will be called the Apple II. Mike Markkula (Dermot Mulroney), a venture capitalist, notices Jobs and Wozniak’s work, and also joins Apple. The Apple II is released at the 1977 West Coast Computer Faire where it is a remarkable success.

Apple’s success eventually causes Jobs to distance himself from his friends. Upon learning his high-school girlfriend Chrisann Brennan (Ahna O’Reilly) is pregnant, Jobs ends their relationship. Brennan gives birth to Lisa Brennan whom Jobs denies is his child. Kottke (now an Apple II Plus repairer) meanwhile leaves the company after acknowledging that his friend Jobs (who hardly even has any time to talk to him) is not rewarding the Apple I team with any Apple stocks (Apple is now in the stock exchange market). John Sculley (Matthew Modine) is recruited as CEO of the company. As Jobs’ behavior grows more erratic (for example firing an employee for not appreciating his investment in using fonts), Jobs is moved from the Apple Lisa development team to the Macintosh Group where he works with Bill Atkinson, Burrell Smith (Lenny Jacobson), Chris Espinosa, and Andy Hertzfeld (Elden Henson). Despite the change, his behavior does not change: he forces out Jef Raskin, the original Macintosh Group team 1 leader, and takes his place, and later ragefully phones Microsoft founder Bill Gates, legally threatening him because their Word software is, in his opinion, a plagiarism of his team’s word processor. In this period, Wozniak (part of the Apple IIe team) realizes that Jobs’s ego has distantiated the company too much from their original intentions, and leaves the company, bidding a last farewell to Jobs, mellowing him.

Though the Macintosh is introduced with great fanfare in 1984, including a high-budget television commercial, it is seen as a failure due to the disproportionately high cost (as compared to the competitor IBM’s DOS-based PCs). Jobs, convinced that the error is the limited random-access memory of the system, tries to repair by launching a new, more advanced version, but Scully forces him out of the company in 1985.

The film jumps to 1996. Jobs is married to Laurene Powell Jobs (Abby Brammell) and he has accepted Lisa (Annika Bertea) as his daughter (she now lives with them). He has a son, Reed (Paul Baretto) and is also running NeXT. When Apple buys NeXT, then-CEO Gil Amelio asks Jobs to return to Apple as a consultant. Jobs is soon named the new CEO, and ultimately fires Amelio and also his ex-friend Markkula (who refused to support him when he was forced out of Apple 11 years prior). Jobs becomes interested in the work of Jony Ive (Giles Matthey), particularly during the design of the iMac and strives to reinvent Apple. The film ends with Jobs recording the dialogue for the Think Different commercial in 1997. Before the credits, there is a photo montage of the main characters paired with film clips of the actor playing the part, plus a dedication to Steve Jobs.

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Kick-Ass 2

Two years after the death of Damon Macready and defeating Frank D’Amico, Dave Lizewski, bored after having retired from fighting crime as Kick-Ass, begins training with Hit-Girl (Mindy Macready) to become a real hero. Following the death of his father, Chris D’Amico accidentally kills his own mother, who is in denial over the circumstances of her husband’s death, by short-circuiting her tanning bed. Now in control of his father’s criminal empire, Chris decides to become a supervillain named The Motherfucker, adapting a BDSM suit for his costume, and assembles a gang of supervillains called the Toxic Mega Cunts with his aide Javier and gains a cult following on Twitter, swearing vengeance on Kick-Ass. The other leading members of the Toxic Mega Cunts include African-American UFC fighter Black Death, midget mob enforcer The Tumor, ex-Triad gang member Genghis Carnage, and the only woman on the team, former Russian bodyguard Mother Russia.

Mindy’s guardian, Marcus, discovers she is still fighting crime and makes her promise to give it up. Dave resumes his life as Kick-Ass, joining the superhero team Justice Forever (which Dave had inspired), led by ex-mafia member and born-again-Christian, Colonel Stars and Stripes. Kick-Ass begins a sexual relationship with Night Bitch, one of the members (after breaking up with his girlfriend Katie Deauxma due to her mistakenly believing him to have been cheating on her with Mindy). He and Marty, who is also on the team as Battle Guy, alienate their friend Todd from participating in their heroics because Todd’s superhero persona “Ass-Kicker” is an obvious knockoff of Kick-Ass. Mindy, attempting to lead a normal life, tries out for the dance team at school, and promptly asks a boy to take her on a date after declining to join Justice Forever. The date ends up as a cruel prank planned by bullies in her school, but Mindy gets her revenge the next day, resulting in her suspension from school and her grounding by Marcus when he finds out.

Dave’s father discovers Dave is Kick-Ass after finding his superhero costume, and they have an argument which leads Dave to leave home. After his imprisoned uncle has Javier killed, a deranged Chris kills Colonel Stars and Stripes, and attempts to rape Night Bitch the following day. Chris’s henchwoman Mother Russia kills the arriving authorities, resulting in a police clampdown on both costumed villains and vigilantes. When the police track Dave through his IP address, Dave’s father surrenders, claiming that he is Kick-Ass, in Dave’s place. Chris, tipped off by Todd, who has joined the Toxic Mega Cunts unaware that they’re psychopaths, has Mr. Lizewski murdered in police custody, revealing his true identity.

The Toxic Mega Cunts sabotage Mr. Lizewski’s funeral and kidnap Dave, but Mindy rescues him. Afterwards, Dave, Mindy and the remaining members of Justice Forever, joined by a resurgence of masked do-gooders battle and defeat the outnumbered Toxic Mega Cunts. Mindy, as Hit-Girl, defeats Mother Russia in battle, while Dave and Chris fight on a rooftop. Chris crashes through a skylight, landing in a water tank where he is mauled by a shark.

Justice Forever decides to take a break from its superhero duties, helping people in their ordinary lives instead. Mindy tells Dave that she is leaving New York due to being wanted for murder, but that the citizens need Kick-Ass. Police officers raid Marcus’s home to investigate Mindy’s whereabouts and Marcus feels very disappointed, while Dave accepts the responsibility and begins training and upgrading his equipment, looking more physically fit and ripped. In the last shot, we see a chrome version of Kick-Ass’s mask.

In a post-credits scene, Chris, who has survived the shark attack, and whose limbs and genitals were bitten off by the shark, complains for attention over an out of reach cup of water.

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Vishwa is a dancer who lives in Sydney, Australia and also manages a water distribution business in the name of his deceased mother Ganga there with his childhood friend Logu and his dance team members. He is the son of Ramadurai, a Mumbai-based don who fights for rights of the Tamil-speaking migrants in the city. Ramadurai, fearing for his son’s safety since Ganga’s murder at the hands of rivals, had sent him away to Australia via Ratnam, his friend. Although they are in regular contact, Ramadurai lies to Vishwa that he is a businessman.

Vishwa falls in love with Meera, the daughter of a restaurateur, who is one of his customers. Meera reciprocates Vishwa’s love and joins his dance team, helping them win a dance competition. She soon proposes marriage to Vishwa, who agrees. Meera’s father too agrees to the marriage but wants to discuss the matter formally with Ramadurai. They leave for Mumbai, where Vishwa finds out about his father’s true identity and that he is currently in hiding due to several false cases registered against him by his archenemy, another don Bhima Bhai. This is because Ramadurai murdered Bhima’s father for killing Ganga, so Bhima swore revenge. Vishwa also finds out that Meera and her “father” are officers of the crime branch who lured him to Mumbai so that they could locate and arrest Ramadurai. Ramadurai is arrested, but just after he enters the police van, a bomb planted by Bhima in the van explodes, killing him. Vishwa is distraught over his father’s death and decides to stay back in Mumbai and take over his father’s crime syndicate. He dons the title of Thalaivaa and provides his own brand of justice for the helpless and downtrodden.

Meanwhile, Bhima instigates riots in Mumbai which kill many people and leave several others injured. Vishwa arrives at the scene and saves several others, including Gowri, a Bhojpuri woman who marriage was nullified due to the riots. Although there is seemingly no evidence that Bhima is responsible, a tape recorded by a cameraman Video Kumar, highlighting Bhima’s involvement in the riots is stolen by a Bhojpuri-speaking pickpocket. Vishwa and his gang manage to reclaim the tape from the pickpocket and publicize it, leading to Bhima’s arrest. Vishwa also kills the corrupt Chief Minister of Maharashtra, who had given Bhima and his gang free rein, and puts the blame on Bhima. However, Bhima soon escapes from prison and kills most of Vishwa’s henchmen on the night of Maha Shivaratri including Gowri, with the help of Vishwa’s uncle Ranga, who is Vishwa’s second-in-command. When Vishwa enters a fort after hearing Ranga is being “held hostage” there by Bhima, he is stabbed by Ranga, who immediately informs the police that Vishwa is “dead” and leaves the fort with his physically handicapped son, who is Vishwa’s cousin and driver. When Ranga’s son hears about his father’s treachery, he becomes enraged and drives the car into a petroleum tanker, killing them both. Meanwhile, Vishwa, though injured, is still alive. After a bitter fight, he kills Bhima by stabbing his throat. Meera soon arrives at the fort and realizes that Vishwa killed Bhima, but she acts quickly and shoots the corpses of Bhima and his henchmen to imply that she killed them, thus saving Vishwa from a jail term.

Meera eventually quits her job as a police officer after realizing her love for Vishwa, and marries him. With Bhima and his gang out of the way, Vishwa is now the unchallenged don in Mumbai.

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