Ass Backwards

Loveable losers Kate and Chloe (June Diane Raphael and Casey Wilson) are best friends with a not-so-firm grip on reality. The girls have been inseparable ever since tying for dead last at a kiddie beauty pageant as children. Now they are all grown up and living in New York City, where Chloe is a “rising star” dancing in a glass box at a nightclub and Kate is the “CEO” of her own one-woman egg-donor “corporation”. Their past humiliations at the pageant remain long forgotten until they receive an invitation to the pageant’s milestone anniversary celebration. With the unpleasant memories flooding back, Kate and Chloe decide to redeem themselves and take a road trip back to their hometown and win the elusive crown.

On the road, they face some hard truths about themselves and each other as they encounter drug addicts, spring breakers, strip club hooligans, a feminist farming collective, and their favorite reality TV star, leading to the girls’ homecoming and final reckoning with their past, present and future.