At Adanggaman’s court, Ossei makes friends with a healer/seer, who was captured as a boy from his village/people by Adanggaman’s empire. He heals some wounds that Ossei gained when travelling to Adanggaman, and reveals through his fortune-telling abilities that the future of all in the empire would be bleak for a long time, subject to slavery and oppression. The healer sees his daughter at the court (Naka), who doesn’t acknowledge him initially, but recalls her childhood with him guiding her as his only daughter. The seer protests to King Adanngaman, who in turn for his perceived insolence, orders him and Ossei to be sold as slaves. The healer dies whilst in captivity, overcome by disbelief, grief and abandonment.

In the end, Ossei leaves Naka, after the two escape, become close friends, and form a household. He goes travelling, to forge a new life, but is captured by soldiers of Adangamaan’s court and thus prepped for sale into slavery. He is sold to Europeans, who transport him to the Americas via the Middle Passage, and is renamed John Stanford by a wealthy plantation owner. He dies at age 70, having five children with a slave woman. King Adangaaman is captured by his aides whilst drunk from rum, and in turn sold to Europeans. He becomes a slave in St. Louis, and is a cook to Europeans there, being given the name Walter Brown. He dies in 1698 from tuberculosis.